How To Protect Your Mood And Energy From Media Negativity



Feeling fearful, worried or sad about what’s happening in the news right now? 

Some of what you are feeling may be your own feelings and some of what you are feeling may be from the collective consciousness, especially if you are an empath. 

The exercises in the video below are designed to help you release upset and focus on your humanity. This series is a combination of exercises that helped both me and several clients out of depressed states in the last week. Hoping this helps you feel more empowered, too.

Let me know how this feels in the comments below and please share this with anyone you think it could help.

While it’s important to stay abreast of what is happening in the world, I am noticing how I/we receive information can make a huge difference in how it affects my/our mood and outlook. 

Here are 3 tips on how to protect your mood, outlook and energy during this time: 

  1. Limit your exposure to other people’s opinions and emotions by reading the news from a more unbiased source versus watching opinionated news channels which use inflammatory language and hooks to keep you watching.
    BBC World is a source I find more factual and less opinionated. 
  2. Pay attention to how you are feeling and take even better care of yourself during this challenging time. Check in with yourself often–scan your body and see if it is showing signs of being stressed. Is your neck or jaw tense? Stomach upset? Feeling worried or overwhelmed? Being more critical of yourself? If so, give yourself a break, do something that feels nourishing for yourself to calm, ground, and get in touch with your heart.
    The exercise below is designed to help you do just this. I also find walks in nature, exercise I enjoy, and inspiring music to have a healing effect!
  3. Be what my friend and gifted Psychotherapist, Terri Cole, calls a “Silver Lining Detective.”
    As I always say, “Upset is Access,” to potential growth and positive change if we can get present to what is bothering us and give ourselves what we need and want more of in our lives instead of continuing to give energy to what isn’t working. Your ability to act from a place of love verses lack with everyone you encounter in your world can have a bigger impact than you know! 

So much love, 


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