Got a Social Challenge for you, Where do you want to put your attention? Intentions?



I woke up Monday tired and in a bit of a funk. After doing some energy exercises, I felt physically better, but I needed a psychological pick me up.

Surprisingly, I found it on the news!

Governor Cuomo of NY gave a morning briefing that inspired me.

He was trying to answer the question everyone is asking, 

“When will we re-open?”

What everyone really wants to know is:

When are things going back to normal? 

When can we resume our old lifestyles again?

My internal answer – I hope never. 

I certainly want this virus to dissipate and for the economy to bounce back, but I hope this forced stop/pause is teaching us all something–too many lives have been lost not to make this moment matter. 

As I always say, we would change nothing if there wasn’t a problem. Our Upset is Access to positive change and growth if we are willing to look at what’s not working and upgrade our actions.

Cuomo suggested, instead of being fixated on when we will reopen and get back to normal,“Lets use this time to learn the lessons and re-imagine what we want society to be.”

He sited the improvements that were made after other tragedies we faced. “Wow! Look how much better lower Manhattan is post 9/11?” That area became a desirable place to live with better housing, stores, restaurants and riverside parks. Security procedures are better, too. And, New Yorkers shared an unprecedented amount of respect and care for one another in the year after that tragedy. It was a time that brought people together in a unique way I will never forget.

While Cuomo is calling for the best experts in housing, public health, and transportation to step up and “Build Back Better.”

I am asking you to look at your own life and take an inventory, how can you “Build Back Better?”

What could you take this time to improve in your life? How can you take care of yourself and your family better?

How can you incorporate practices into your life, like my energy routines or meditation, that help you be a better version of yourself on a daily basis?

To whom can you give your love, support, focus, energy, donations right now? How can you be the change you want to see in the world? (There is a quick, fun mindset upgrade that helps you do just this in the video below).

Cuomo: “WE control our destiny like never before. What we do today will determine what happens tomorrow.

This is cause and effect on steroids.

We make smart decisions; we will have smart outcomes.

The future is in our hands. 

Build Back Better.

We can control the beast.”

Obviously maintaining social distancing, continuing to be responsible about washing our hands and wearing masks is what he is talking about. 

At the root, taking these actions is:

How we can take care of ourselves and others. 

What if we could keep this intention at the forefront of our attention moving forward?

We all bitch and complain about inadequacies and injustices, but what if we could live in a way that could begin to right wrongs for ourselves and others on a daily basis?

From The Broadway Show Hadestown

“The meanest dog you’ll ever meet
He ain’t the hound dog in the street
He bares some teeth and tears some skin
But brother, that’s the worst of him
The dog you really got to dread
Is the one that howls inside your head
It’s him whose howling drives men mad
And a mind to its undoing.”

How can you begin to control the dog you really got to dread, the one that spews criticism, fear, and worry in your head?

Because the future is in our hands, literally in the soap bubbles in between our hands, I made a little rhyme/poem/mantra you could repeat every time you wash your hands to help you get your attention focused on what matters most.

Check it out here. Download a pretty version of this mantra you can print and put on your bathroom mirror.

And please share this with anyone you think might benefit:

So much love! 


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