Coronavirus, How to Calm Fear and Take More Empowered Action



If you watch the news, it can feel like the world is ending. The combination of other people‘s fears and triggered fears from your past can be causing heightened levels of anxiety and fear right now.

Anxiety and fear hinder your ability to think clearly, to take empowered action, as well as sleep well and give your immune system the rest it needs to protect you.

Last week in my demo, I talked about coronavirus and how I saw my clients struggling to manage the feelings around it.

If you are feeling freaked out by what is happening, fearing worst possible case scenarios, or are having trouble relaxing or sleeping, you are not alone. 

The truth is, the virus is a real concern AND there are ways to prevent yourself from contracting it.

The exercise I shared in the demo to calm fear about the virus helped people go from a 7-10 level stress to a 1-3. In the exercise below,  I improved upon the demo exercise, upgraded the language, and added some powerful parts that have been helping my clients this week.

Before you try it, let’s go through the questions that I shared last week that Lady Gaga uses to get perspective. These questions are based on a therapy called DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and they are the ones that I ask my clients whenever they come in with an upsetting situation to help them separate fact from feelings.

1. What is happening, what are the facts?

About Coronavirus: The CDC has been updating their site with new information as it becomes available. And, you can find up to date information here about:
*How the virus is contracted
* Who is considered Higher Risk
* Ways to protect yourself (Please see Higher Risk Protocols: Even if you are not Higher Risk, it might be a good idea to follow the Higher Risk Protocols)

About Businesses Reactions: Businesses have canceled events or closed if they are places which attract large numbers of people. 

About Travel: Travel to both Europe and Asia is restricted. 

About the Market: Stock Market numbers have been the lowest since 2008.

2. How am I reacting to this news, what am I feeling?
My clients are coming to sessions feeling:

  • Afraid for their safety
  • Scared this might be the end of the world 
  • Distressed about the potential financial impact 
  • Angry about the government’s response 
  • Unable to sleep
  • Worried they might not have enough supplies 

3. What can I do right now to calm my fear or anxiety so that I can think more clearly and take sensible action versus just reacting?

When you feel fear, your body reacts and blood rushes from your brain to your limbs to power fight, flight, or a freeze state. This pulls energy away from your body‘s ability to rest, repair, and digest. It inhibits your ability to think clearly, digest food and new information, detoxify, sleep, as well as support immune function. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is for your physical health and sanity to calm yourself down so you can function better during this stressful time versus being a slave to your reactivity. 

This video is designed to help calm the common fears people are feeling right now and to help empower you to take care of yourself. 

Please share this video with anyone who is stressed about the current state of the world.

4. What simple steps can I take that will help me feel more empowered and help me take charge of my well-being in this situation?

  • Avoid being in large groups of people. I have canceled dinner plans and been eating in, versus going out. We have been ordering groceries versus fighting the crowds at grocery stores. And, I have been walking versus riding public transportation or only riding at off times when there are much fewer people. I am also working virtually, online, versus seeing clients face to face in my office, since I am working in such close proximity to them.
  • Wash your hands, body, and clothes. Use hand sanitizer that is alcohol based if hand washing is unavailable. Disinfect doorknobs and frequently touched surfaces. I am even Netti Potting Daily with salt water to flush my nasal passageways.
  • Stock up on water, groceries, and have prescriptions you need filled. 
  • Set boundaries—Limit your exposure to the news and get your information from trusted sources like the CDC or more unbiased news channels like PBS world news. Have conversations with friends and family about postponing get- togethers and events. Speak to your management or clients about ways you can change the way you are working so that there is less physical contact.
  • Meet with your financial advisor and create an informed plan. Read up on industry advice from trusted sources. This may be an opportunity to upgrade your plan and re-establish a better budget. 
  • Use the extra time which may have been allotted to commuting, shopping, LIVE entertainment, and vacations to nurture and take care of your well-being or put energy toward goals you have wanted to achieve. Maybe take up The Artist’s Way? Read the books you have wanted to read but haven’t had time to get to yet. Re-organize your closets, pantry or basement and feel the calming effects of taking action and putting things that you can control in order! 

To help you better navigate what is happening, I am offering a very affordable way to work with me which includes: 

  • Access to my Energy Hack Library which has over 50 exercises to help with issues from insomnia to fear and anxiety to hormone issues.
  • An interactive masterclass on Clearing Blocks to Financial Abundance on April 15th at 1:00 pm EST. It will be taped if you can’t make it LIVE.
  • A customized energy clearing for each person who signs up that you can use to help you clear specifically what is challenging you right now. When you sign up, I will send you a list of questions to which you will reply with your answers and a photo of yourself, so I can tap into your energetic field and address your specific stresses. I’ll  create a personalized routine to help calm your reactions and empower positive action.

I added the customized clearing and have extended the sign up period to The Clearing Blocks to Financial Abundance Class on April 15th at 1:00 pm EST.

Despite what they may be saying on the news, this is not the end of the world. 

In China where the virus first hit, the outbreak began in January and the number of cases is now dropping. 

Sylvia Brown, a psychic medium wrote in her book “End of Days” published in 2008:

“In or around 2020, a severe pneumonia like illness will spread through the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself, will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived.”

I share this to help give you perspective from both the real and spiritual worlds. 

Like everything, this too shall pass. 

And like everything, this upset can give us access to new possibilities and wisdom. It can also increase our belief in our own strength to overcome adversity.

If there is one thing I do know, when you clear your fear, you can access your power to make a difference. 

And, you are more powerful than you know. 

So much love!

Here’s the link to sign up for the Library, Abundance Masterclass, and Customized Clearing. And please share this video with anyone who is stressed about the current state of the world and could benefit from some stress relief.


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