How to Protect Yourself from Other People’s Fears During Coronavirus Times – Great for Empaths!



Been experiencing headaches over the last week? 

More muscle tension in your neck, back or jaw?

Having trouble sleeping? 

More irritable or anxious?

Or maybe just feeling more dazed and tired?

If you have been feeling more tense, unable to sleep, suffering from headaches, an upset stomach, muscle or jaw tension, your body may be reacting to stress from others. This has been a great exercise for all the empaths in my practice. It has helped alleviate anxiety, headaches, nightmares, and muscle tension. 

The exercise below is designed to help calm your physical stress response and protect you so you can focus more on what you want versus reacting to other people’s fears. Be sure to download the free exercise guide here so you can save it to your phone and use these exercises whenever you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Members of my class felt a huge difference from this exercise and reported going from a level 8-10 stress to a 0-2!

Doing just the beginning of it can give you great relief! 

And please share this with anyone you think could benefit. Just copy and paste this link to share the relief with your loved ones:



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4 Replies to “How to Protect Yourself from Other People’s Fears During Coronavirus Times – Great for Empaths!”

  1. Monique Wynen says: Reply

    Thank you so VERY much for this. So needed. Such a gift. Thank you Terri Cole for sharing it with me.

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      I’m so glad you found it useful to you! Sending you a big hug!

  2. I am an acupuncturist trying to help others online. You are very calming and I found your video to be very effective and calming. I appreciate your support and will continue to view and use this. Bless you!

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found it calming 🙂 Bless you!!

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