Lady Gaga and the Talk You Need to Have with Yourself


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Lady Gaga did a great interview with Oprah for Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour in which she candidly talked about her struggles and triumphs with mental health, trauma, and healing.

She spoke really openly about how medication, meditation and a system of therapy called DBT or dialectical behavior therapy have helped her tremendously over the past few years.

As I listened to her recount her very personal story and describe a DBT tool she uses to manage her mental health in her moments of upset or overwhelm… I thought,

“Oh my gosh!!! This is exactly what I do with my clients!”

How cool is that?

The reason I love this strategy is because it’s based in reality.

My clients tell me all the time I’m the practical energy healer. And while chakras and meridians might seem woo woo or out there… I use these tools and teach these techniques because they work.

So I want to share the quick conversation that you can have with yourself (and that Lady Gaga has with herself all the time!) any time you feel upset, anxious or overwhelmed.

Here’s how you can talk yourself down from your emotional response and recenter yourself in the present. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What’s actually happening right now? 
  2. What are the facts of what I am currently experiencing here in the present moment?
  3. What am I feeling about it?
  4. What can I do to make myself feel better right now?

For Lady Gaga, the answer to that last question is taking her medication, calling her doctor and doing some self-care like taking a hot bath. 

For me, I think what can I tap? How can I muscle test myself to figure out what I need to clear in order to release this emotion and feel my power and my inner strength again?

I use these exercises to release uncomfortable feelings and get grounded. Then from a place of calm I ask myself:

What’s the next thing I can do to take one small action step that’s going to further what I want?

This exercise helps you separate facts from feelings and it is the first step you can take to avoid getting stuck in an emotional vortex that leaves you powerless.

In the interactive demo I did the other night, I walk you through the next steps of the process: a tapping exercise and a live muscle testing with my amazing assistant, Kat, (thanks, Kat!) so that you can actually SEE and FEEL the shifts that are possible with this work. 

​You can access that right here.​

Here’s what I know to be true:

If you can learn how to separate your feelings from the facts, then release those feelings with the energy exercises I teach inside my Freedom Formula program, you’ll be able to make better choices in each moment and feel safer and freer to take action toward getting what you want out of this life!

If this is speaking to you:

Here’s the link to find out more about the Freedom Formula and to enroll if this resonates with what you want for yourself in your heart.

(The doors close on Monday, March 9th!)

Over the next 7-months in the course, I’ll be teaching you how to shift your energy imbalances from the inside out so that you’re empowered to create better outcomes than you ever expected, 

The world needs your compassion, your insight, your unique gifts, and your presence. This work clears the way for you to show up in the world operating at your highest potential and aligns you so you can take action on your purpose and passion. 

“There is a discipline of passion for yourself. This is the time that is for you to give back for you. When you give back to yourself you sit in a state of gratitude and then you are able to give back to those around you and be kind. That is how we heal the world.” – Lady Gaga

​Here’s a link to her amazing interview.​

She talks about DBT around minute 19. 😉

P.S. If you’re thinking about doing the Freedom Formula, don’t wait. As I’m expecting our little one, I can’t tell you when or if I’ll be teaching this course again. Class starts on March 10th, but you get immediate access to my unique vision boarding process that will help your brain start to get comfortable and clear with what you really want! Here’s where you can sign up!​


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