My Body Betrayed Me



Ever have your body betray you?

Have you gotten so nervous in front of your potential clients or boss that you were unable to ask for the business, fee or promotion you deserve?

Been so stressed about starting a new business project you got stuck in procrastination mode?

Having trouble getting back into dating mode, so you can meet your partner?

Are you able to flirt? Look at someone to whom you are attracted and smile?

Or, are you like I was years ago, and turn red, flushed with shyness and involuntarily turn your head away?

I had no idea why this uncontrollable reaction took hold of me so often, until I discovered the unconscious limiting beliefs driving it and upgraded them with energy work.

Turns out, when my body was tested, as I recited the statement, ” I can trust and lean on a man.” I was weak, and I felt anxiety well up in my stomach. To my surprise, I realized, I didn’t feel I could trust men.

Putting two and two together, I now understood why I couldn’t control the reddening of my cheeks and face when I saw an attractive man. I always wondered why I had such a difficult time flirting; it was like my body betrayed me every time with this embarrassing blush response.

After clearing my energy blocks to trusting men, I began meeting men everywhere, on the street, on public transportation, in restaurants. After having a major dry spell, I was dating three guys at one time! AND, I realized after the fact, that my face hadn’t gotten red. That embarrassing reaction was gone! I could flirt! And, I was actually good at it;) LOL!

When I shared all this with my mom, she said, “Well, do you remember what you told me about getting married when you were five?”

“No mom, what?”

“When I asked you if you were going to get married you said, ‘Yes! I am going to get married, but I am always going to have my own money, so I can leave it I need to.”

I said this when I was five!

Thinking back to that time in my life, I saw my mom unhappy in her marriage and I made it mean men aren’t to be trusted and always have a way out. Even though my mom and dad went to therapy and wound up creating a healthier and happier marriage, my unconscious belief system had already been formed before this happened.  

Ninety percent of your body and brain’s function is unconscious. These unconscious functions allow you to walk down the street and avoid bumping into people or tripping as you talk on your phone. They also control the look on your face and its color when you react to people.

With or without you knowing it, you are constantly giving off signals about how you are feeling that people pick up on and which determine if they want to:

Flirt with you,
Have a conversation with you, 
Do business with you, 
Or walk the other direction. 

Despite the coaching I had received in several of the courses I took to help me learn tricks and tips on how to meet men, I couldn’t actually take the advice and flirt because of this unknown limiting belief that was formed by a five-year-old.

Fears and other limiting emotions and beliefs like mine about trusting men are all held in your body. Your issues are held in your tissues

When a good friend reached to me for help with her stiff neck, this was also the case. She was holding her anxiety and stress about writing her first book in her tight neck muscles.

She had just gotten an incredible book deal, a total dream come true, but her neck and nerves were inhibiting her from writing it, and time pressure was setting in making it worse. After I gave her an exercise to release her fear, she was able to get out of her head and into her heart. 

She was able to access what inspired her to write the book in the first place and get into a great writing flow with her writing coach.

Fears/issues from our past can hang out in our tissues and resurface as a habituated reaction when we are growing and actualizing our desires.

Our bodies remember and try to avoid pain from the past to keep us safe in our familiar.

If you are having trouble moving your life goals forward, please try the exercise in the video below.

And, if you want to discover what issues you are holding in your tissues, I am taking the class through an exercise that helps you determine and clear what limiting beliefs have been blocking you from having both the love, joy and success you deserve in a Free Interactive Masterclass. Join me Thursday, February 27th at 8:30pm EST! 

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If you are feeling it’s tougher than it needs to be to grow beyond old limitations and:

  • Get out into the dating world 
  • Ask for that raise
  • Speak your truth and ask for what you need from your family, co-works or mate-

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