How You Can Make A Difference In The Wake Of Terrorism



The CNN headline this morning begged the question….

The US is under attack from within. Is this ever going to end?

When tragedy strikes, I look up for guidance. This message came from a friend who channels Spirit when I asked, “Why is this happening?”

“There are many reasons for the shakiness of humanity.

It is fear.

Fear of political instability 

Fear of solitariness.

Fear of the unknown of the future.

When humans live in fear, they cannot live in love.

Fear is the opposite of love.

Even if you are all love, but have one tiny bit of fear, it is like a tiny cancer that has the potential to reach in deep and to kill all the love.

As, humans we must all learn to live without fear.

Love will stabilize.

How can we all be with love when there is so much that is not right, so much disconnection, so much that is funneling into an abyss of darkness?

How can we Center in Love?

Ask, believe and live.

Do not pay attention to that which would harm or threaten you.

Do not be in fear that there will be more attacks.

Do not look at the men who shot those people and who hates with all his heart and believe that this is the way of the world. It is not.

These people are living in fear and hate. They are the opposite of which everyone here has the potential to be, which are beings of love.

The darkness is coming up, so the light can dissipate it.

Love is light.

It is like the dawn. The darkness rises, then the light shines through, and the darkness is gone.

When you live in fear, you live in darkness.

There is a change and shift of love coming.

There is a time of turbulence now.

Hold your faith in love and be beacons to others of what is possible with love.

Circles beget circles, beget circles.

With more beacons of light and love, the darkness will go.”

In the wake of the shooting in Pittsburgh last October, Mayor Bill Peduto gave us words we can use today. When asked, “How do you move forward?” He responded:

“We take care of one another.”

While he meant his community was taking care of the families most directly affected by this tragedy, I am going to extend this call to action to each and every one of us after the most recent attacks in Ohio and Texas.

So I ask you:

How can you be more loving to yourself and to others? 

  • Can you notice when you are being unkind to yourself with any negative feedback in your head?

  • Can you notice if you are being mean, nasty, abrupt or hasty with anyone in your daily interactions because you are stressed?

  • Notice the emotion on your face when you look up at anyone you pass on the street.

  • What are you sharing? Stress, frustration or how about a smile or a caring gesture instead? A little kindness can go a long way and change the course of a day.

As you move through your day and look into the eyes of people you meet, can you think to yourself:

The love and light in me, sees the love and light in you. 

When you look at yourself in the mirror, can you look into your own eyes and repeat the same phrase?

The love and light in me, sees the love and light in you. 

You are more powerful than you know. 

Much love,


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