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Do you have a habit of saying, “Yes,” when you want to say, “No?

Do you find it difficult to shake off worry?

Do you criticize yourself when things go wrong and have a hard time letting it go?

Do you over-function and automatically jump into “help” mode when an issue arises for someone around you?

While you may have had these habituated responses for years, you can let them go. And, the time is ripe for change right now. The Lunar Eclipse tonight is inviting us all to release and bring closure to things and habits which no longer serve us. 

Many of my friends and clients are in the process of beginning new chapters of their lives that are more aligned with their heart’s desires. New job opportunities and new living situations are being presented that look like they could help to support and draw out more of their true essence. 

  • One friend who is an energy healer like me, just bought a small house upstate and has decided part of her business is going to be growing her own herbs and flowers to create her own brand of pure essential oil sprays. She is psyched about it!
  • Another friend who was released by a toxic job back in January (around the time of the Solar Eclipse which is connected to tonight’s Lunar Eclipse) had been struggling to find a new job that would not only honor her experience but also feed her soul. She is now in the process of interviewing for the perfect position. It miraculously fits her job wish list!
  • I myself am stepping into my role as teacher again and starting my program to teach coaches how to do this work next week. It has felt wonderful to recommit to doing my own energy work a few times a day and live the work I will be teaching. I am being “wowed” daily by the power of exercises I haven’t used in a while and feeling more relaxed as a result.

In alignment with what this Eclipse can teach us, the themes in my sessions and conversations with friends has been about the fears and habits that could get in the way of manifesting these great things. 

  • My first friend is actively releasing her worry about her closing taking forever, so she can stay aligned with her dream versus give energy to her fear.
  • My client is actively following a strict self-care schedule; this includes doing activities that feed her soul, so she is nurturing herself as she makes this transition, keeping any old self-critical talk at bay.
  • I am actively doing my energy work and making sure I maintain my boundaries with my time, so I don’t fall into the old habit of over-giving. 

“Lunar Eclipses help to give things that are already on their way out that final push.
Stay open and see where this Eclipse guides you to release, to let go, and to bring closure.
This Eclipse is also connected to the Solar Eclipse we had back in January 2019, so think back to what themes or lessons you have been working on since this time. Chances are there is a little more learning and growing to do, so be gentle with yourself and try not to force things to flow.
Under the energy of the Capricorn Eclipse, we will also be reminded of how strong we really are.”

You have the power to live a life you love and to manifest your heart’s desires. You just have to train your body and brain to be comfortable with it. All these old, habituated reactions can be reprogrammed by tapping specific Meridian points in the Chinese Acupressure System.

And, I am giving you the tools to tap away worry, self-criticism and the knee jerk reaction to over-function or over-give, along with more limiting habits in the video below. 

For years, I had the knee jerk reaction to say, “Yes, I will fit you in,” whenever a client needed a session. And, when there was physically no space in my schedule and my time was committed in the evening, I would feel anxious about not being able to help them. I started using the tapping exercise to release this need to over-give, and I now no longer have that reaction. I can say “No,” with ease and empower my client in need with an exercise instead. 

It’s time to start releasing the things that are not aligned with your true essence. Do the tapping routine in the video and see which one of these emotions may be stopping you from freely living out the life you want. Then, download the pdf with all the exercises, so you can keep it in your phone and tap away any old habit when you find yourself being hijacked by old patterns that no longer serve you.

I hope these help you make choices that support you having a life you love! 

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  • Overwhelm
  • Self-Criticism
  • Heartache
  • Frustration
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Share this blog with any friends who might need this, and you can help each other stay accountable for releasing the stuff you no longer need and stay long true to your dreams!

Much love and joy!


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