Cosmic Energy Upgrade-Solar Eclipse Energy Ritual!



July is a cosmically complicated month with a lot of astrological energies to navigate.

The first big event is the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd!

This Solar Eclipse is all about stepping forward into the future. It is full of opportunities, wisdom, and spiritual insights. It is an intense Eclipse, but it is one that will help us to open doors and get us to where we want to be.

If you have been working towards a goal or wanting to start a new job, move, or take action on a big project, this Eclipse offers so much support and advancement.

This is a great Eclipse if you are looking for opportunity for change, so set your intention, put your feelers out there and see how the Universe delivers.

If you are feeling lost and a little undirected in life, this Eclipse may also present some opportunities to help guide your way. Try to stay open and try to say yes to the things that come your way, as you never know where they may lead you!


The Cosmic Energy Upgrade Exercise below is designed to help you connect with both your internal (heart and intuition) and external navigation (Spirit Guides and Universe) so you feel supported and guided, as you are presented with new possibilities and opportunities.

And, the Manifesting Worksheet below is a great way to get your thoughts and words supporting what you want. Print it, fill it in, and read it daily–today through July 13th–for the best manifesting results. 😉 

Free Download – Manifesting Worksheet

This letter to self can help you override negative self talk and get into manifesting mode.

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Much love and abundance! 


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