The Thing That Could Be Stopping You From Greatness



While striving for perfection assures you do better than average work, where does it end?

Is this value keeping you from fulfilling your true potential?

I know some of my most successful clients feel this; the need to know more or achieve more beforeyou are willing to recognize your talent or your value. And, I can relate.

About 10 years ago, one of my clients–a billionaire who described himself as a doctor of sick businesses, who made his money buying and increasing the productivity of several companies across many different industries, a smart guy–told me that I had an untapped level of talent and that one day I was going to supersede the creator of one of the techniques I had studied and do incredible things.

I was like, “no way.” My teacher was a genius in my eyes. He knew 100xs more than I ever would.

There was a small piece of me that wondered if my client could be right, though. What would I be doing then?

What if I told you that you’ve only just begun to recognize your unique genius? That one day, you are going to supersede your greatest mentor? What if I told you right now that within YOU, there are depths of untapped resources that you have yet to discover?

I can tell you this:

Whatever is blocking you from realizing that possibility is the key to actually making it happen. Your block can be your bridge. Let me show you how.

Yes, there is always more to achieve or to master, and there may be things in life you want that you don’t have yet, but it’s a lot easier to achieve your goals, both personal AND professional, when you believe you CAN!

A vital step in achieving your full potential is reminding yourself on a regular basis of just how much you have achieved. And Summer is a ripe time to celebrate what you have accomplished. The flowers are blooming, gardens are yielding juicy fruits and vegetables. In Chinese Medicine, it’s a great time to recognize and to celebrate how you have grown right now!

For what accomplishments are you proud? Please note these for yourself now!

How have you grown personally in your career?

For some of my clients it’s even tough to start a list. You can begin with anything, big or small.

If you don’t value yourself, why should anyone else?

Taking time out on a regular basis to remind yourself of your value and achievements helps you fuel your success and pure potential!

Ten years later, that same client likes to point out how far I have come. Honestly, back then, I had no idea I would be making and sharing videos that havemade a huge difference and helped people all over the world. I had no ideathat I would be able to help clients overcome life-long struggle. I had no ideaI would have my own center in NYC and fuse all my knowledge into a new Method for Emotional Healing. I simply immersed myself in learning the techniques that helped and inspired me, then incorporated them into my business.

I am calling all the change-makers, the coaches, therapists, healers, the creatives, the empaths and the visionaries! If the work I have shared with you has made a difference in your life and you want to learn it to help others, I am inviting you into an intimate group learning experience like no other.

I created my Freedom Method as a place where you can learn how to do the work that I do and also THRIVE…in your life AND in your business.

It’s a 7-month high-touch coaching experience with a curriculum packed with the mind-body modalities I use in my own practice to teach my clients how to build a bridge from any block they might have to their living their dream lives.

The results of this work cannot be denied, and you can hear about them and why this work is so effective in a free webinar HERE. What I know after 15 years of practice is that the truth is that emotional suffering is an option.

It’s my goal to share the energy work that makes that possible with as many people as I can. That is why I am looking for a few good people to teach and mentor…because I believe the ripple effect can be WORLD changing.

Are you one of the few who will join me on this quest? When you say yes to The Freedom Method, you’ll be joining a movement that is helping our entire society evolve emotionally…and making a BIG difference.

And so that you can have that same confidence, The Freedom Method curriculum also includes my complete sales system that has generated 95% of my referrals and a packed client schedule. You will also get my complete set of done-for-you forms and templates that sell for you.

Each month during the 7 months we’ll spend together, you’ll have access to life and career changing material like…

  • How to uncover emotional blocks that are thwarting your clients’ progress and how to upgrade their limiting beliefs with a customized positive mantra.
  • How to assess your clients’ Element type in The Chinese System, the emotional significance of each Meridian Tapping Point and how to create customized Tapping Routines for your client’s unique needs.
  • How to work with The Chakra System to change perception and the way one reacts with the world and how to clear chakras of information that may be distorting reality and causing lack of safety, self-worth, identity, compassion for self or others, opportunity and connection.
  • How to begin to work with Family Constellation Therapy to recalibrate perception of familial dynamics and heal breaks in bonds with foundational energetic relationships so that your clients can fully accept and benefit from their life force.
  • How to preserve and protect your energy by creating energetic protective boundaries, how to clear stagnant or negative energies from a physical space and how to cut energetic cords and attachments that hinder growth.
  • How to receive guidance from your Intuition, Highest-Self and Spirit Guides and how to harness the power of The Law of Attraction for both you and your clients so that you can step into your divine right to prosperity.

In the 4th month of the program, we’ll meet in person for a Learning Retreat in NYC!!!

During that weekend, you’ll learn how to muscle test yourself and your clients, discover how to use essential oils to retrain specific emotional reactions to stress and get the opportunity to practice with a partner to get comfortable with your new skillset. I know it is going to be mind-blowing (plus, I can’t WAIT to hug you!).

And while of course we will have a private Facebook group for daily accountability, support and cheerleading where you can get your questions answered by me and be surrounded by like-minded people who get you, I also am offering you FOUR one-on-one sessions with me, because this is intimate, deep work.

I’m not interested in perfection. I’m interested in helping you be successful doing what lights you up, helping others as you grow yourself. I’m interested in holding your hand as you work through any resistance, in coaching you through moments of revelation and release. I’m interested in passing on everything I’ve learned to you, so that you can get out in the world and do the work you’re meant to do.

So I ask you, what do you think is possible for you?

I would love to talk to you about The Freedom Method if this tugged on your soul….

I have 6 spots left in this class of 12.

If you think one of them might be for you…

Then don’t wait to schedule a call with me to find out if this is a fit.

Here’s the link so that we can connect.

As your coach, it would be both my honor and my duty to keep you true to not only fulfilling your dreams but also to upholding your unique value by reminding you of all you have accomplished and all you are, because I bet you are more precious than you know. 😉


After you schedule a call, please watch the webinar or check out more information on the course HERE before we speak, so we can focus our time on how I can help you either expand the business you already have or help you grow a new one! I can’t wait to talk about it!


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Lara Riggio is an Energy Intuitive. Her videos, classes, and sessions have helped tens of thousands discover and heal the mind/body, ancestral, and past life blocks which sabotage health and happiness. She is based in New York City, and works out of her Central Park Energy Center in Columbus Circle.