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Energy Work!

I shared with you recently that my dream is that in 5 years from now Tapping will be as common as yoga or meditation.

Can you imagine how excited I was to see energy work in action on Grey’s Anatomy?!!! To me, it’s a sign that not only is my dream a possibility…it’s inevitable.

In this scene, Dr. Owen Hunt gets sent to this integrative psychologist by a friend who swears by his methods. While Dr. Owen is skeptical as the psychologist muscle tests him to find the underlying cause of his chronic anxiety, he tries it because this dramatically helped his friend.

Before you watch this, I want to explain, muscle testing is way you can test your body, and ask it questions about what is or has stressed it. You simply have to ask the body a yes/no question. When Owen can’t resist the psychologist’s pressure, and his arm goes down a bit, that signifies a “yes” to the psychologist’s question. 

In this scene the psychologist tests Owen to determine the underlying emotion which is driving his anxiety. Distrust comes up, not someone else’s distrust but Owen’s distrust. The psychologist then asks him if he remembers a time when he felt distrustful. Owen, thinking logically, assumes it began during his experience in Iraq, where he experienced trauma, and asks the psychologist to start there. When the psychologist tests to see if this distrust started during the Iraq War, he gets, “No.” Then, he starts muscle testing to see the age in Owen’s life that this distrust began. It surprises Owen when he gets age 10. 

The psychologist was able to help Dr. Hunt pinpoint what happened when he was 10 years old, how he won an award, and felt the best he had ever felt. Then came home to tell his family and found out his father died. When the psychologist could help Owen process and separate the pain of his father’s death from the feelings of joy and accomplishment he felt earlier that day when he was 10, he freed Owen up to feel joy and pride in his life. Since the psychologist visit on the show, he is a new man, a much happier one!

This is what I do in my sessions with clients! The power of this work is being noticed!

Want to learn how to do this for yourself, your clients or your loved ones?

Imagine being able to assess the source of anxiety, and any upsetting emotion whenever it comes up in your own life or with your loved ones or clients….

Life’s possibilities suddenly become endless.

It’s become my life’s work because it has solved every one of my life problems from Chronic Fatigue, to Being Unhappily Single, to Creating a Successful Business that fills my heart with joy because of the gratification of helping so many people.

You can get instant access to a FREE Webinar Training, in which I not only share an exercise to help clear the fear and anxiety that halt success, but ALSO share with you the No-Effort Sales System that has enabled me to have a successful business doing this work I love because it helps so many people. 

What a joy it is to help people like Owen’s character in this Grey’s Anatomy episode uncover and clear unknown blocks to happiness and success. I received this email from a gal who took part in one of my one day workshops. In class she discovered her block to being pregnant!

When I attended back in August, I was thinking something wrong with me because despite many long months of trying, we couldn’t get pregnant. I had a real breakthrough that day. And I just wanted to report to you that I am now completing my first trimester! Grateful!

Melissa Del Toro Schaffner

These kinds of “Ah Ha!” moments are why I love what I do, and why I have decided to start teaching others how to do this work too!

If you are interested in learning this for yourself and your loved ones, it means you can clear fear and anxiety whenever it comes up and become unstoppable! And what that could mean for you if you are a coach or a practitioner is that getting in on this now is super smart move. One that has the power to set YOUR work apart in a major way.

You can’t get all that I am teaching in this webinar or program anywhere else.

I am looking to curate an intimate, powerful group of true change-makers that are ready to show up, be open and do the work.

I’m limiting the enrollment to just 12 participants, and after sharing the webinar and announcing the program last week, four of those spaces are filled. If you know this work speaks to you and are not going to have time to watch the webinar this week, you can schedule a call with me to discuss it by clicking HERE.

Is the Freedom Method right for you? It may not be. It’s all about fit.

That’s why I’m offering you a chance to connect with me one-on-one to see if this is right for you.

I find that my clients, who are drawn to this work, know in their heart and soul pretty quickly if this is something they are called to do.

So let’s talk about it. I am sure that when we speak, your heart will know if this is a fit.

Here’s the link to schedule a call with me.

I can’t wait to connect with you!


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