Energy Hack! EFT Tapping to Overcome Overwhelm


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I am fighting the good fight against overwhelm.

My list of things to do is not only long but also bringing up uncertainty, which could easily have lead to halting anxiety and procrastination.

Thanking my lucky stars for my EFT Tapping skills, as quick, little intervals, like the routine I share below, have helped me step away from my stress and regain both the perspective and the focus I needed to keep calm and carry on.

Relief is here! This exercise can help you physically release the feelings of frustration and overwhelm, and the 5 strategies below can help you easily ground yourself and get back into action.

#1 – Get Perspective! – Get it all out of your head. Grab a piece of paper or open the notes section on your phone. Write down all you have to do, then do the exercise below to take a break and physically release the feelings associated with your list. Wunderlist is a great app I use for this, which gives you a satisfying ding every time you complete a task. I just love it! You can also share your lust or items on it with others for easy delegation.

#2 – Prioritize! – Whatneeds to get done first? What is the smallest step you can take to get any time sensitive tasks in action? Then, do the easiest task next to help you keep forward momentum!

#3 – Praise Your Efforts – Pat yourself on the back for each step you take and think about how good you will feel to have it all accomplished. These good feelings will egg you on and help you energetically manifest the best outcomes.

#4-Partner Up –  If uncertainty or resistance comes, get help. There is no need to struggle through anything when you can most likely get help to make it easier.

#5 Prune Your List – Think about what you can delegate? What could you remove from this week’s list? There are most likely some things that you may decide not to do at all.

Ask yourself: 

  • Are you doing something to please someone or satisfy perfectionism? Just delete those tasks off your list so that they aren’t taking up your mental space and energy. 
  • Are there some tasks that fall into the “important but not urgent” category? Those tasks can be pushed back to a week when you’re not feeling so much pressure. 

All is easier when it you step back, take a breath and get perspective.

Much peace, clarity and success! 


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  1. Thank .Lara, always a wonderful boost

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