Energy Hack – Astro Upgrade! How to Better Manage and Up-level During This Mercury Retrograde


Astro Upgrade Mercury

Last Monday, after six people needed to move their scheduled appointments to different times and I got two requests for emergency sessions, I had to look to see if Mercury was Retrograde. Sure enough, it goes retro today, and apparently we have been feeling the effects of the pre-shadow phase already.

If you have been experiencing upheaval and uncertainty, you are not alone. Mercury Retrograde (March 5th-28th) is a notorious time for technology glitches, travel delays, miscommunication meltdowns and scheduling snafus. This particular retrograde, coupled with the energetic upgrade from 4th-5th Dimensional Energy, brings the potential for a serious up-leveling of consciousness.

“In 2019, all of the Mercury retrogrades fall only in water signs, setting up an overarching theme for the year.

Mercury is the planet of communication and water signs are typically associated with more sensitive, intuitive, and artistic forms of expression.

Under these watery Mercury retrogrades, we are going to be encouraged to open our third eye, strengthen our psychic gifts, and get in touch with our other senses.

Our emotions, our dreams, our creative urges, and our gut feelings are all going to be upgraded for us if we use this energy to our advantage and begin strengthening our intuitive muscles.”

– Intuitive Astrology

Please pay attention! If or when mishaps occur, be aware of how you react. 

  • Do you obsessively think about what you could have, should have done, and internally criticize yourself?
  • How does this make you feel?
  • Does it lift your mood and give you energy or drain you?
  • Does this reaction help you or make solving problems more difficult?

Instead of questioning or criticizing yourself, could you try resourcing yourself instead? When anything goes wrong, could you:

  • Pause, and take a minute to tap into your heart and ponder what might make you feel better in this situation
  • Stop, and think about who you might be able to ask for help or support? 
  • Take some time away from the problem and ask the Universe for a sign or guidance?

If you choose to be more aware and resource yourself in these ways, you will have greater ease getting your goals accomplished.

To help you better navigate and even benefit from this Retrograde, I have created an exercise to help you connect to your heart and to expand your intuition. I suggest doing this daily or at least three times a week during this Retrograde to help you be more aware of your reactions and to make connecting to your inner guidance more of a healthy habit. Please share this with your friends; let’s raise the vibration of our planet together!


With love and ease, 


4 Replies to “Energy Hack – Astro Upgrade! How to Better Manage and Up-level During This Mercury Retrograde”

  1. Becky Harris says: Reply

    Hi Lara:
    Yes, such good vibrations after this exercise! Thanks SO much for being right there when I need your calming influence in my life. My Dad passed Feb. 3rd and I am continuing to honor his wishes in completing the circle of life of his affairs (completed Mom’s in 2016). This afternoon is tax day. I will be able to go to this meeting with a peace and calmness. It has been an emotionally draining month being the organizer of all his health affairs while living and final affairs after his passing while being the peacemaker for my siblings and other family members. My prayer/love request is to keep the main thing of love (with cheerful peace) ever before me in accomplishing each and every detail.

    1. So glad this helped. Sending you love and energy to help you be your best self as you manage all this. Huge hug!L

  2. Nelly Evans says: Reply

    Hi Lara,
    I loved this energy hack. I had a migraine and I was super stressed. After doing the exercise, I felt so calm.
    thanks so much for this.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Miss you! Will be writing about the group soon.

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