How to Calm Holiday Time Pressure, Sleep Better, and Enjoy Your Holidays More!


Exercise Ambien Holiday

Feeling stressed trying to get it all done before the holidays?

Having trouble turning your multi-tasking brain off before bed?

With just a few more days, you can get it all done without undoing yourself, and actually enjoy your holiday preparations!

While time is finite, we can expand our experience of it. Pressure and worry have a tendency to make everything more difficult. When you are stressed your mental capacity is hindered because your primal response is to send energy and resources to your limbs to power your fight or flight.

Tracing the meridians in this video from The Chinese Acupuncture System helps your body calm down. Since there probably isn’t a lion, tiger, or bear chasing you, it would be best to calm your body’s innate response, so you can send blood and oxygen back to your brain, improve your cognitive function, think more clearly, solve problems faster and actually enjoy your holiday preparations!

The more brain power you have, the more effective you can be. The more effective you are, the less time you need! Voila! You have just created more time!

Who’s better than you?!

And if you are having trouble sleeping because it’s tough turning your multitasking brain off before bed, try the calming exercises in the FREE Download.

Exercise Ambien Download

Use these exercises when you are ready for bed to help relax your body and to get a more restful night’s sleep, so you can be ready for your day!

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