What You Can Do For Peace In The Wake Of Terrorism



Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, gave us all words to live by in his interview with TODAY’s Willie Geist.

“We take care of one another.”

While he meant his community was taking care of the families most directly affected by this tragedy, I am going to extend this call to action to each and every one of us.

The Tree of Life Synagogue was just three blocks from Fred Roger’s home, the creator and star of “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood”, which taught children to love and accept themselves and others.

So I ask you:

How can you be more loving to yourself and to others? 

Notice when you are being unkind to yourself with any negative feedback in your head. 

How could you be more kind, supportive and gentle with yourself? 

Notice if you are being mean, nasty, abrupt or hasty with anyone in your daily interactions because you are stressed. 

Notice the emotion on your face when you look up at anyone you pass on the street. 

What are you sharing? Stress, frustration, or how about a smile? 

There is more than enough love to share.

Watch the video below for some love and hope with:

  • A channeled message from spirit about the recent events and how we as people can overcome fear and hate.
  • An exercise to help you process your feelings about the recent events and find the love inside yourself.
  • Some tips on how you can be the change you want to see in the world in your every day life!

With much peace and love,


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