How To Let Go And Let More Love and Joy In!


Let Joy In

Want to lighten your load and make your life both happier and easier?

It is a perfect time to let go of what you no longer need.

There has been a shift in energy which you can use to better understand how to bring more love and joy into your life right now!

The Fall Equinox occurred this past Saturday, September 22nd, and both the Northern and Southern hemispheres experienced an equal amount of daylight. It marks the transition from longer days to longer nights. The switch from Yang, outwards focus and assertion, to Yin, inward focus and self-nurturing.

It’s an auspicious time to start checking in with yourself and to start noticing habits that could be draining your energy.

What could be requiring more effort and energy than you would like?

Are you putting pleasing others over pleasing yourself? 

How much of your energy is going toward worrying or overthinking potential plans or outcomes? 

Finding yourself comparing yourself to others and doubting yourself? 

Harboring any anger, blame, or resentment toward yourself or anyone else? 

These habits all take a lot of energy away from living your life.

They distracts you from the joy available to you in the present moment.

The first step to freeing yourself from these restraints is to start noticing them. Go on, re-read the questions again:

What could be requiring more effort and energy than you would like?
If something is taking a lot of energy, maybe ask yourself if it’s worth doing? Could you ask for help doing it? Are you putting too much effort on yourself to get this done?

Are you putting pleasing others over pleasing yourself?
Is there anything you did over the last week that you didn’t want to do? Did it take energy away from something important to you?

How much of your energy is going toward worrying or overthinking potential plans or outcomes?
When this happens, I find it best to write down a step by step plan, and see it on paper. Getting it out of your head can help you stop obsessing over it. If this doesn’t help, ask yourself, is this something I even want to do? Worry can sometimes come from ignoring your internal desires.

Finding yourself comparing yourself to others?
All of us are living our individual journeys  and learning our own lessons. Your history and soul’s journey is unique. Comparing yourself to others, is a waste of energy, as no two stories are ever totally alike. You can however use other’s stories to inspire you! When you witness others success stories, it gives concrete proof of what is possible!

Harboring any anger, blame, or resentment toward yourself or anyone else?
Anger and resentment can help you figure out that something that is happening is not quite in alignment with what you want, but after you have that realization, it’s best to release those feelings, so you can think about what you want and make requests for it without anger. When you ask anyone anything in anger, they are likely to be defensive, and that will work against getting your request met. And, when you blame anyone, you hand them your power and your ability to make choices for yourself.

Noticing these habits is the first step. Pay attention this week, and if you catch yourself subscribing to any of these habits, then stop and ask yourself this priceless question:

“What do you want?” 

After you know what you want in any scenario, you can then think about the most efficient next step you can take to work toward getting it.

It may mean making a request or setting some boundaries. If you struggle with this, as I used to, I highly suggest to check out my pal, Terri Cole’s Boundary Bootcamp! It’s the last day the course is available. 

If you don’t have the ability to draw healthy boundaries, your authentic self gets hidden by the shadow of a false self that you’re erecting every time you fail to express your preferences or ignore your desires. This is exhausting and energy draining.

As it’s the last day to join Boundary Bootcamp, Terri is going to be on her Facebook Group LIVE today at answering questions on how to have better internal boundaries and keep your word to yourself, so you can get a feel for the course.

It’s an auspicious time to focus on how to protect your precious time and energy!

Click here to join me for this life changing program and to learn how to say, “Yes!” to yourself!

The realizations I had and skills I learned in this class improved both my business and work life in so many wonderful ways! I want you to experience this joy and freedom, too!

Terri gives you a comprehensive language guide to help express your authentic self in any situation. Your boundaries are as unique as your fingerprint and that’s why the integration exercises and worksheets in the course are designed to help you discover exactly what will bring YOU the most peace, satisfaction and joy in YOUR life.

No one is teaching this out there. Say yes to you, and give yourself this priceless skill-set that can improve both your work and home life by creating balance between them.

See the power better boundaries can give you!


So much love and freedom!


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