Sound Familiar?


Slow Down

Does this sound familiar?

You are overwhelmed. Soooo busy. Stressed. Exhausted…

You are getting what you need done, but you still feel that something is missing.

If you have ever thought,  “shouldn’t I be enjoying my life a tiny bit more?” (the answer is HELL YES! )

You know how to work. You know how to follow through… but you may not have balance.

Life has become one big To Do list and even things that should bring you joy feel like just another obligation.

Your needs and desires seem to end up on the bottom of that To Do list?

You want more satisfaction, meaning, and joy, but you have trouble making time for it. 

All of us overachievers want the same thing in life: real love, deep relationships and the kind of success that creates inner peace and the ability to finally exhale.

What I found helped me have more peace, fun with my family and friends, and time for myself was the ability to create better work/life balance by drawing boundaries with my time and my energy.

My pal and amazing psychotherapist, Terri Cole, taught me how to set healthy boundaries and to realize that saying, “No,” to things I didn’t want to do was saying, “Yes,” to my own heart’s needs and my desire to have honest, authentic relationships!

Terri showed me that having healthy boundaries is one of the greatest acts of self-love and it helps ensure that I have enough energy to be my best for the people in my life.

I want you to feel the freedom and extra time and energy good boundaries can bring you, too!

Terri is teaching an encore of her Free Big, Beautiful Boundary Masterclass tonight at 8:00 pm, EST, and you can take advantage of it by clicking HERE.

She will be dropping some major boundary knowledge, and talking more about Boundary Bootcamp, the 8-week coaching course that I took last year which starts on September 26th 😉  She is going to stay to answer any questions you might  have at the end.

Don’t miss this free class tonight at 8:00 pm EST, click HERE to get access! These tools changed my life!


Much love, peace and ease,


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