I want to celebrate something!


Beautiful fireworks


You are most likely a great friend, having compassion and doing your best to cheer your friends up when something goes wrong, right?

You most likely try your best to treat your family with kindness and consideration (OK, most of the time, LOL)

You are a caring person, maybe even inspiring. Happy to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of others, but…

What about yourself????

Summer is here, and it’s time to recognize and to celebrate YOU—all of your accomplishments, your personal and professional growth, and everything you love about your life!

While the spiritual/emotional capacity of Spring is the power of growth, Summer holds the power of maturity.  In summer, the buds of spring bloom into full flowers and now can share their pollen to make more flowers. Recognizing and celebrating all you have accomplished is the way you expand your capacity, inner abundance and self-sufficiency.

The same way a good summer harvest can supply food for the winter months, celebrating your achievements gives you the confidence to connect with others and the hope and faith to carry you through all of the ups and downs of success.

Let’s take an inventory of all your good stuff, so you have a good supply for Winter!!!!

  • Hit reply RIGHT NOW and share with me a few things you can celebrate about your year to date and yourself!
  • And, for extra credit/growth, ask someone else the same question!

Looking at life from this place makes everything brighter, easier and more fun!

Much love and expansion,


Oh just Do It! LOL!

You don’t need to have a “perfect life” to be happy. You don’t need a “perfect body” to feel good about yourself or how you look in your clothes. You don’t need to BE PERFECT to have a fun and fulfilling life!

Come on!!!!!

Reply to me now!!!

What do you love about your life this year?

What do you appreciate about how you have grown this past year?

For what are you proud?????

I can’t wait to hear from you!!!!!

Your future’s so bright; you need shades!


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