Tap Into The Power of New Moon!!!!



The NEW MOON occurs tonight, Friday, June 23, 2017, at 10:31 PM EDT!

And this is a powerful time to set intentions that can benefit you well beyond this Moon cycle.

Before you do that though, remember the accomplishments you brought to light last week. I sooooo enjoyed reading about all your success!!! You really inspired me!!! What you achieved was incredible!

So, what’s next? And, I want to challenge you NOT to choose something you think you SHOULD do, but something that your heart truly desires. What could you manifest next that would fill you with joy???

Just pick one thing!

Now, how would you feel if that happened???

Try this quick meditation before bed tonight.
It helps you quickly get in touch with how you would feel if what you desire most was happening. That is the best way to harness The Law of Attraction! As it works with feelings, not words!

Take just 5 minutes and sync your intentions with the power of this New Moon!!!

New Moon Meditation

As long as you do it after 10:31 pm you are good!!!

To Moon Magic;)



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lara riggio

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