Crazy Dreams Lately?



Been having crazy dreams lately?

This week, the full moon added extra energy to the already intensified astrological climate. Your subconscious may have been working out old unconscious fears or emotional patterns in your dreams to finally let go of what no longer serves you.

While the Venus, Mercury and Saturn Retrogrades have been calling you to:

  • Revive your soul’s purpose
  • Reunite with loved ones and forgotten passions
  • Repair broken bonds or systems which have ceased to be effective

Passover and Easter are both being celebrated this week too; it’s like the entire Universe is Nudging You to Grow.

The significance of the Full Moon, Retrogrades, Passover and Easter is similar.  Passover celebrates the Jewish people’s freedom from slavery in Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses.  While Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

From what old beliefs or expectations can you free yourself?

What old beliefs or patterns can you let die, so a new part of yourself can emerge?

If you were startled by a weird or scary dream or anxious, frustrated or annoyed by a situation that keeps repeating itself or that you can’t seem to resolve at the moment, can you zoom out, take a minute to calm yourself down with the exercise below, and think about what you want?

What does your heart desire?

What would fill you up with joy or love right now?

Reconnecting to your heart’s desires and soul’s passions immediately upgrades your mood and puts you in the vibrational state to attract more of what you want.

Over the last two weeks, I have had several technical roadblocks arise to getting my new website up; thanks, Mercury!

The most effective way I have rekindled my creative juices and gotten re-inspired have been going to the spa, taking bike rides and spending time with friends.

Nurturing myself with comfort, love and connection inspired me and helped me find creative solutions that moved the project forward with ease.

Use the exercise in this video to calm you and to help you get in touch with how you can choose Love, Care, Connection and Inspiration to attract more of the same versus lack, hardship or resistance.

It’s that simple.

What are you choosing next?

Love or Lack?

So much love,


Calm yourself down and get in touch with your heart with the exercise in this video💖



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