How Depression and Sheryl Sandburg Gave Me Joy!



I rarely get depressed these days, but I found myself feeling that way off and on last week. It felt like the Universe was working against everything I was trying to accomplish. And I had no drive or energy to push. I would feel better after doing energy work, then wake up the next day feeling like I had to pull myself out of the muck again.

Since Mercury is retrograde, I figured it was better use of my energy to surrender my expectations, take pressure off, postpone my new website launch and focus on taking care of myself, doing the things that bring me joy instead. Knowing like attracts like, I knew if I was able to change my mood, it would effect my results.

I felt better and had a HUGE epiphany! Why not make these joy producing activities priority?

Life is too short!

Life really can be too short.

Sunday night, I had the privilege of being at The 92nd St Y’s discussion lead by Katie Couric with Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant about their new book. Option B, Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy.

It is about the tools and coping mechanisms Sheryl discovered and used after her husband died suddenly a few years ago.

When I first heard about the book, I thought, I don’t want to read that, too depressing, but I left inspired and grateful to have the copy I got with my ticket when I left.

The woman who taught other women how to take their careers by the horns in her book, Lean In, was struggling to get out of bed every morning and felt as though she had lost her confidence after her devastating loss.

The strategies she shares in the book can be applied to tragedy as well as everyday life upsets, like feeling stuck in any area of your life.

Sheryl used the term Post Traumatic Growth and shared how, although it is still difficult knowing she will never see her husband again, she is grateful for all she is learning from the experience and pointed out how she now savours more moments of her life knowing that they could disappear. Her experience with sudden death and loss has given her a deeper appreciation of her life.

After losing her husband, she stopped doing a lot of the things she loved because she was overcome with grief and felt guilty about actually feeling happy again without him.

When a friend reminded her that her husband lived to make her happy and would want her to be happy without him, she set to re-incorporate all the things that brought her joy.

Making daily joy a priority is one of the ways she was able to discover a new sense of gratitude and confidence in herself.

She also started noting one thing each day she did well and got her confidence back.

She started with making a perfect cup of tea; no task was too small to note.

So, while Mercury is Retrograde one more week, I challenge you to:

#1- Take the pressure off yourself and only do what has to be done. Postpone working on anything that can wait a week.

#2- Do one thing each day that brings you joy! Take yourself for lunch. Enjoy a walk in the park. Watch your favorite show!

#3- At the end of each day, pat yourself on the back for something you did well.

Life is a mirror.

When you give to yourself, others want to give to you.

When you feel joy, you attract more.

So much love,



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