I am giving you permission to…



I am giving you permission to…

I am giving you permission to rest. I actual highly recommend getting more rest than usual right now.

In your preparation for the holiday, please take time for yourself to take breaks, to eat, catch your breath, and even sleep more.

Pre-think about your list of things to do, and ask yourself:

-Is there anything I can order online, versus having to go pick it up? For example, using InstaCart (grocery delivery,) Amazon and Amazon Prime, and Postmates (specialty food delivery).This could help you save some running around time for yourself.

-With what else can I ask family members or friends to help?

-Is there anything I am overdoing and could simply cross off my list?

-What could wait until after the holiday?

You are used to pushing yourself to get things done, but winter is the season to refuel on rest, love and inspiration. It’s actually healthier right now to give yourself a break.

Chinese Medicine doctors recommend you sleep more, eat and drink warm, nourishing foods, enjoy time with friends and family, and expose yourself to inspiring art or books; take the time to restore your body, mind and spirit.

And, try this super easy Head Hold you can do before bed to calm a racing multi/ tasking mind, so you can rest more deeply and peacefully. Do this Head Hold with pillows under your elbows until you feel pulses in both hands or your body relax.

stress relief

So, while finishing final preparations and enjoying your holiday, take time to rest, enjoy the warmth of good food and family and to feel inspired by the magic of the season.

So much love,
















*Featured image courtesy of Alexey Kljatov


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