The Question That Changed My Life



Last year around this time, I had a conversation with my husband that has changed my life.

We were talking about what we wanted in our future together, and I felt hindered.

I didn’t see how I could contemplate starting a family with all the responsibilities of the old studio.

Then, my husband asks me the most insightful and practical questions, which I NEVER would have contemplated on my own.

“Your business has changed so much since you opened the studio. Do you need all that space now? You only really use the front room now right? What if you could find a smaller place that met your needs closer to home, so you could cut your expenses, and free yourself from the pressures of managing the space and the people at the studio?”

I was defensive at first, What?! And give up my dream studio? How could I let go of my baby?
This was my dream realized!

Thank goodness my husband persisted, and started talking about how I could cut my responsibilities, cut back my hours, have more time with him and make room in my schedule for starting a family.

I really wanted that.

“But, where would I work?
What could be better than my custom built space?”

The answer was somewhere smaller and closer to home, but, “It would have to feel right!” I said, still super hesitant.

I started to daydream about the perfect life scenarios.

And, every time I got anxious about it, I would repeat this affirmation in the crossed posture —

“I am open to the right and perfect new studio space falling into my lap like a feather. ”

We asked our building manager what was available, and sure enough, the right and perfect space appeared.

It felt perfect inside. It was an office on the professional floor of our building! A stairwell commute!

I found out it was the former office of my Feng Sui Designer’s acupuncturist, an auspicious sign! My husband negotiated an amazing rent.

And, then, I found out a good friend was looking to open a Pilates Studio, and he took over my lease!

It looked like the Universe was supporting this move and everything was falling into place!!! I was manifesting this!

But what was I manifesting??
Was I going to be happy?
Was it going to feel like enough?

Not having as much responsibility ?


What I wanted 4 years ago when I opened that space wasn’t what I wanted now, but I had been so busy living out the old dream that I didn’t realize my dream had changed.

This is why I think it’s so difficult sometimes to know what you want. It changes!

And, you have to consistently ask yourself what you want now?


What is no longer serving you?

My story is proof you can always change gears or direction!

There are a thousand different ways this perfect situation could have fallen through. And, it’s tough to get out of a lease in NYC. Daydreaming about how cool it would be to manifest the lifestyle I would have in my new office and clearing my anxiety about it not happening put me in the receiving mode of having what I wanted.

New Studio: Before

New Studio: After

As I have shared, there are 3 steps to the creative process that is The Law of Attraction, as described by Abraham Hicks.

1- Ask for what you want. (As we just discussed, it’s important to re-evaluate this daily.)
2-When you ask the Universe provides. This is a Universal Law, but you must be clear on what you are asking and…
3-Be in the receiving mode.
The Law of Attraction works with the energy of emotion not words, so if you ask, but are nervous or afraid of what you want happening, you are manifesting your emotions, and energizing the opposite effect of what you actually desire, outcomes in alignment with your anxiety versus the joy of having what you want;)

Right now, as we close 2016, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself; what do you want now??

And, what is no longer serving you?

What can you leave in 2016?

What do you want in 2017?!!!

Please don’t answer this question with your head. Your head will likely give you an old, “should” driven answer.

Answer it with your heart and your soul.

Take just take a few minutes and ponder what you desire, daydream.

And, then make a list of the things that pain you that you could give up to free yourself up to live into your daydream.

It starts here, now!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Much love and joy!
*Featured image courtesy of krnlpanik

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