Where do you belong? Hillary or Trump Camp?



Where do you belong? Hillary or Trump Camp?


If you live in the US you probably already know for whom you are voting.

Feel like sharing?

I have many close friends who are voting for different candidates.

My aunt, who has voted democrat her entire life, is voting for Trump. While my brother who lives in Pennsylvania farm country (Trump country lol), where there is a Trump sign on every lawn, is voting for Hillary.

And I have noticed a mix of Hillary and Trump voters among all my clients.

This brings up an important question that every one of you will most likely face at some point if you haven’t already.

How do you manage differing beliefs with your family?

Do you reject or avoid them, if they don’t support gun laws, abortion or are pro-life?

If they are voting for Hillary or The Donald?

Your disagreement may be about politics, or it could be about you having abundance in your life.

One of the major things that holds people back from taking action on having success and what they want in their lives is fear that if they change, their families will stop loving them.

Fear that, if they question the belief systems with which they grew up, they will no longer belong to their tribe of origin.

Watch my vlog for two stories about this, a quick tapping routine to help you overcome this fear of not belonging and a way that you can connect with your family despite your differences.

Next Tuesday in the monthly Membership Online Class, the 1st of the last three of these. We will be looking at any places you may be stuck in your life because you feel a subconscious fear of not belonging.

And we will be clearing blocks around money, love and self care that have their root cause in family beliefs and in fear of not belonging.

You can sign up for that here!

I just worked with someone else last week who was bonding with her family mostly through worry. And, since she gave that up last week she has had the best time with her parents!

To love and the freedom to value your opinions and your desires!!!









*Featured image courtesy of Brett Neilson


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