Making Sense of All the Recent Craziness



Making Sense of All the Recent Craziness

Have you been asking yourself any of these questions this week:

What is going on?

Why do I feel like crap physically or emotionally?

Why are people so intense?


Now a bombing in NYC?

Life felt crazy last week, and it seemed like this retrograde has been one of the most intense ones I have ever experienced! So I reached to a friend and trusted astrologer, Jen Racioppi, to see what was going on astrologically.

It was a rough week and here’s why—

Mercury is still retrograde until the 21st, and there was a full moon lunar eclipse with magnified power on Friday shaking everything up further and creating more chaos.

You can see her full report here,


“To bottom line it, here’s what we need to know this full moon: (It happened in the sign of) Pisces, which is all about inclusivity, dreams, oneness, and transcendence. The moon in this mystical sign opposes the Sun and Mercury in dutiful Virgo representing the need for work, organization, systemization, and purity.” – Jennifer Racioppi

This particular astrological mix is asking you to look at your dreams and visions and look at practical and realistic ways you can move your goals forward, while….

“The context surrounding this full moon suggests healing of a deep wound likely triggered by the eclipse.”

And, the vulnerability you may have been feeling was from some old wound resurfacing to be healed.

Watch my vlog for more on this and to hear two stories that will give you great examples of how these dynamics are playing out in real people’s lives.

One of these stories is about me and some exciting news I can finally share—

I am moving the studio! Construction is almost complete, and I will be in my new space the first week in October!

Hear more about it in the vlog!!!

And, just at the right and perfect time! I am gifting you an ALL ACCESS pass to Christa O’Leary’s Home in Harmony Master Classes Series! Christa got her degree in psychology and she has fused her love of design and psychology to help people create the most positive living experience for themselves in their lives.

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this master class, as two of my teachers, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, are also experts sharing valuable gifts.

You can have access to it here!

Much love and balance,










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