Why I have been MIA- Overwhelm and Adrenal Exhaustion



It’s been nearly two weeks since I wrote a blog for you all, the reason being: I moved to my new office space! Whew!

It’s been exciting and super overwhelming. It is all I wanted, like a perfect fitting sweater, my own little zen den, close to home – lifestyle manifested!

The move itself was all consuming, and I was super stressed and exhausted.

And actually, lots of my clients who have been coming in for private sessions have felt the same way, as we are coming off of an intense astrologically induced period of change. Look back at my last few blogs if you missed the opportunities presented by the retrograde and new moons.

When I see my clients coming in with the same energetic imbalances, an overactivity of the Bladder meridian, which signifies an overstimulation of the central nervous system or the “handling of too much information,”  I know that people are reacting to either astrological, environmental or news events which are affecting us all.

This coupled with any personal changes or upgrades, like my big move, could be overwhelming your body too.

Have you experienced the following:

  • Tight jaw?

  • Headaches?

  • Feeling agitated or more tired than usual?

  • Trouble sleeping/you’ve been waking in the middle of the night (esp between 3-5am)??

You could use this calming exercise series and the tips I share below.

Do this Head Hold with pillows under your elbows until you feel pulses in both hands or your body relax.

To get energy flowing better through the Kidney Meridian, please hold the heart electric points- Bladder NV point- right corner of pubic bone with Lung point- draw a line up from nipple and across from underarm, where two points would intersect is the right point. Hold until you feel heat and string matching pulses.

Then, transfer your right hand to adrenal points- an inch up and out from your belly button and wait to feel heat and pulses connect in both hands.

Then, transfer right hand to K27 points next to your sternum just under your clavicle, and hold these points with that Lung point, until you feel heat and the pulses in both hands connect.

Much love, peace and sound, restful sleep until next week!











*Featured image courtesy of Jessica Cross


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