How to Overcome Guilt and Fear of Conflict



Ever find yourself doing things you don’t want to do because of guilt?

Guilt feels totally overwhelming.

Maybe you are doing something for someone because you are afraid they will be angry at you if you don’t and doing it is easier than feeling the conflict that could come if you don’t do it.

It feels like you are trapped, and the only way out is to do something you really don’t want to do. You know, In both scenarios you are disempowered, and not being honest to yourself or anyone else.

It never feels good, does it?

Think about it, if you knew your friend or family was doing something for you out of guilt or fear of conflict, would you feel good about receiving it?

Probably not.

So let’s put an end to the cycle of guilt.

In this video, I share why you have a tendency to feel these emotions and to do things you don’t want to do. I also give you an exercise to help you alleviate guilt and fear of conflict, and a strategy for setting clear boundaries with love and acceptance of another’s feelings, so everyone can be happy in a situation that previously felt uncomfortable.

Both you, and your friends and family, deserve the truth and to share love that is unadulterated by guilt or fear.

As my friend and amazingly talented psychotherapist, Terri Cole, calls this tendency “The Disease to Please.”

As usual love is the best medicine!!!

If you know you suffer from “The Disease to Please” and seek the cure, tune in tomorrow night for my monthly membership online class, where we will be doing a deep dive into the underlying reasons you suffer with this disease and more practice with the medicine to overcome its symptoms. Click HERE to sign up if you aren’t already a member.


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*Featured image courtesy of Sascha Kohlmann


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