How Two Young Gals Found Success Following Their Bliss!



In my last blog I shared “How You Can Make A Difference In This Crazy World,” and in this episode, I interview two inspiring powerhouses who are making a huge difference for many people.

Michelle Goldblum and Ali Lepzig decided to take on an offer to do a small yoga retreat at their old childhood camp 2 years ago, and instead they have created a social phenomenon— Soul Camp!

In just their first year they had over 150 people, and in the second they had not one, but two camps, east and west coast, and this year have been backed by Google and gotten noticed by  Forbes, Fortune, Inc., Conde Naste Travel & Leisure, Parents Magazine and so many more as being pioneers and trendsetters in the adult camp experience.

Watch this video below and find out how they took an idea they were excited about and used the energy around it to create a successful life-changing dream come true. And hear how they continue to keep the feeling behind the creation of Soul Camp in the forefront of their mission – positively affecting the lives of sooooooo many grateful Soul Camp fans!!!

This is an inspiring example of just how well The Law Attraction Works when you use it!

I’m psyched to be at Soul Camp again this year, and to take all the great classes and teachings AND doing private sessions there myself.

For any of you who have been thinking about going but have needed some inspiration, the first five to sign up and use my name will get a free hour session with me at Soul Camp, a $250 value!

For anyone after the first 5, they are giving you $100 off! Just be sure to enter “Lara Riggio” when prompted “who referred you?” at check-out and they will refund you $100 within 24 hours.

Inspired by these heart centers gals and how they run their business!









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