How You Can Easily Make A Difference During These Crazy Times



Are any of you worried about what’s going on in the world right now?

Have people gone mad?

From the scary and saddening terrorist attacks in Paris, Nice and now Germany, to the not one but TWO police shootings/ sniper execution-style in the US.

What is going on?!!

There is so much pain, fear, sadness and anger in the air.

Can you feel it?

Worried about what the future will bring with either Trump or Clinton as president?

How is all of this affecting you? That’s what I want to know.

Do you even know?

The truth is, you probably are reacting to it without even knowing it. And, it’s possibly affecting your health and your relationships.

My clients have been more agitated and annoyed at people in their lives and complaining of neck pain, headaches and insomnia, while my stomach was in knots last week!

In the video below, I share with you how both your body and your relationships may be affected by all this negativity and take you through an exercise that will help calm, center and ground you, so you can be less reactive and make choices about what you really want to do next and take your power back!

When you take responsibility for how you are feeling and choose actions that support what you want, you can be a force of change, and the world needs you to feel and to be your best right now!

Just in time for these crazy events, August’s Membership Online Class (Tues, Aug 2nd 730-830 pm) is all about helping you figure out what you want, speak your truth and set boundaries to support it. You can check out what we will be covering here.

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*Featured image courtesy of Mitchell Joyce


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