How You Can Create More Time



There are so many fun things to get out and do this summer, trips away, rooftop drinks in the open air after work, weekend barbecues and picnics!

I am loving it AND feeling extra pressure to get all my usual work done.

Have you felt the extra stress of getting everything done, so you can get away or go out and enjoy your friends and family?

While fun, these extra outings can cause time pressure.

Time is finite, but we can expand our experience of it. Anxiety and worry have a tendency to make everything more difficult. When you are stressed your mental capacity is hindered because your primal response is to send energy and resources to your heart and limbs to power your fight or flight.

Tapping the meridian points in this video below from The Chinese Acupuncture System helps your body calm down, so you can send blood and oxygen back to your brain, improve your cognitive function, think more clearly, and solve problems better and faster. The more brain power you have, the more effective you can be. The more effective you are, the less time you need! Voila! You have just created more time! Who’s better than you?!

Rate your stress level before and after you do this, then do something fun with the extra time you create!!!


To having it all!












*Featured image courtesy of Cam Evans


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