Synchrotastic Realizations from Italy


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Synchrotastic Realizations from Italy

Remember the last time you allowed yourself to stay annoyed about something a little too long?

I am in Capri, Italy where I was reminded of a great lesson I learned here last year.

At our favorite beach club all of the “good” tables with a direct sea view were taken, and we were seated next to the beach. I was upset because we had such a magical experience there the year before and this just wasn’t going to be the same 🙁

It wasn’t the same, but it wound up being synchrotastic!

Before my husband and I left left NY, the manager at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants told us the owners were in Capri, wrote their names down on the restaurant card and told us to ask for them when we arrived. We both laughed thinking, “There is no way we are going to find them there.” Guess who was sitting next to us the day we got the “bad” table?!!! Enzo and Pepe, the owners of our favorite neighborhood restaurant, La Masseria!

We had a magical lunch with them that day and became fast friends!

That day, I realized this: You always have a choice. As the host said, these are great seats too; it’s just a different view.

This year our favorite waitress at that same beach club was gone. But, we asked around, and found her at a local place where we had the best pizza ever!

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Upset often sets in when something happens which isn’t in alignment with your expectations.

Next time you’re bummed because your expectations aren’t being met, open yourself up to being in the moment and allowing something better to happen!

Capri truly is a magical place! Both the views and the food are awe-inspiring. We just can’t get ingredients that are as fresh and unadulterated in the US. And, Italians have an appreciation of the beauties of life, which they take pride and joy in sharing with you. They could teach us a thing or two about pleasure.

They know how not to sweat the small stuff, how not to take yourself too seriously and how to focus on what is really important – love of family, friends and the enjoyment of the pleasures of life – good food and wine!

So in the spirit of Italy, please take a minute to think about or write down all the things you LOVE about your life!

Doing this every day can make a huge difference in how you feel and in what you manifest.

* I LOVE a glass of rose wine on a hot day!

* I LOVE fresh tomatoes in summer!

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* I LOVE fresh fish!!!

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And shrimp!!!

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* I LOVE my hubby and puppy and our morning snuggles!

* I LOVE the pictures my brother sends of my little nieces!

*I LOVE Summer Sunsets!

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* I LOVE watching kids play!

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* I LOVE, OMG so many things once you get me going, LOL!

So how about you??????

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Much joy and love,




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