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The tragic events in Nice are scary. As is the political unrest in Turkey and the police shootings here in the US.

Tensions are running hot all over the world.

Summer temperatures are also high, and in the Chinese Element System, the natural element associated within summer is fire and the emotions panic and joy.

This increased heat adds fuel to an already aggravated state, so it’s important to keep yourself cool. This includes eating cooling foods and noticing the need to calm any fears, agitation or upset before it reaches panic levels.

After the last terror attack in Paris I sent out the video below and received thank you emails from many people who struggled with fears brought up by the attack.

In my work with trauma survivors, whether it is childhood trauma or more recent, I helped my clients utilize 3 steps to find their strength in the face of traumatic memories or feelings. They are outlined with examples in the video below.

And, here is a stress relief tapping sequence to help you calm down and get present to your current, safe reality, your personal power and your connection to the Divine.

I had three friends who avoided 9/11 despite the fact that they worked in the Twin Towers. All three were unusually diverted from being at work on time that morning. As a result they luckily and miraculously were spared.

After you do the exercise above, please ask angels to help the wounded and the families and friends of the victims to heal in Nice. And please ask your angels to keep you safe every day before you leave your home.

I believe good luck has a lot to do with Divine connection and intervention.

Much peace and connection,














*Featured image courtesy of Moyan Brenn


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