How to Balance Your Hormones



How to Balance Your Hormones

  • Suffer from PMS?
  • Moody and aggravated at “that” time of the month?
  • Dreading summer because you have hot flashes?

You might be surprised to know the summer months can actually make all of your hormonal symptoms worse!


Summer is associated with the fire element in Chinese medicine, and one of the meridians associated with this fire element is the Circulation Sex Meridian. Tbis assists many hormone-related functions, such as menstrual cycles, and ovarian, uterine, prostate and testicular functions.  

Also known as the Pericardium meridian, the Circulation Sex Meridian supports the membrane sac which surrounds and protects the heart. Basically, think of it as the meridian that helps us connect our sex energy with love. It is also the meridian that helps keep the beat of the heart steady and appropriate, depending on the external and internal environments. The emotional polarity of this meridian is panic versus joy. So when this meridian is balanced, our hearts are able to “leap with joy” appropriately. When it is out of balance, our hearts may be racing with panic instead.

This meridian has a tendency to become overactive during ovulation, menstruation or when you are experiencing upsets that involve matters of the heart. The heat and extra sunlight of summer can add energy to an already over-energized Circulation Sex Meridian during these periods. This causes mood swings, cramps and other hormonal symptoms to be more intense than usual.

This exercise can really help alleviate symptoms of a hot flash. And it was one of my mom’s favorites! Watch it and share it with your mom or friends going through this change of life, as its immediate impact has been life-changing for many.


AND if your hormones feel like they are making you a little crazy emotionally, or more irritable, or like me, easily tearful prior to your period, start doing this particular exercise (called a Head Hold and pictured below) about a week before. It helps to balance all the meridians which contribute to hormonal balance, and has a calming and balancing effect.

Place your hands on your head (as pictured above) with pillows under your elbows, so you don’t have to hold your arms up, and relax into this position. Hold this until you feel your body relax or you fall asleep.

And, for more on diet and exercise tips to help balance your hormones, join us for the online class tonight, and learn:

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-Experience the calming and energizing effects of stimulating your Yin Meridians, which are responsible for major aspects of digestion and hormone balancing.

-Experience the immediate effects of energy balancing exercises which can stop hot flashes and alleviate the draining and crazy making effects of cramps and PMS.

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