How to Feel Angels and Get Their Help



How to Feel Angels and Get Their Help

I first physically felt angels after reading Lorna Byrne’s book, Angels In My Hair. It is about her life growing up in Ireland seeing angels. Lorna’s parents and family thought she was mentally disabled; just imagine how she might have seemed as a baby, seeing and communicating with angels who no one else saw. She was almost sent away to an institution a few times. But despite a pretty rough life – being misunderstood, poor and having a sickly husband – she managed to live a full and rich life.

Having access to angels gave her an unending source of Divine Love, Protection and Guidance.

Excited by this book, I was telling all my clients about it. While I shared a story from the book, one of my clients started to get teary eyed and said, “Did you feel that?” Both of us felt this energy come over us, like the chill from a breeze blowing by, but it wasn’t cold; it was tingly, energizing and it touched us both to tears. Every time I speak about angels now, I feel this.

You can also access Divine Love by calling on angels. When asked, they give immediate assistance, and signs. Knowing them can help you have faith that there is something bigger, a higher power that is supporting everything, including your desires.

Abraham Hicks says, “There are three steps in The Creative Process.

The first step: to ask for what you want.

The second step: answer the request. That’s not your job; that is the job of Source Energy and Universal Forces, Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn) is the manager of that.

And the third step: you must be in the receiving mode of what you’re asking for.”

Two things stop you from successfully using The Law Of Attraction and manifesting what you want:

  1. Disbelief, which keeps you from successfully completing step three and feeling worthy of having what you want and being in receiving mode of it.
  2. Lack of Faith, which keeps you from being able to successfully complete the second step. The second step requires the belief that there is a higher power that hears your request and helps you fulfill it.

Angels can help you find faith. They can help you physically feel the power of the Divine. They can help you know you are not alone and provide you with love anytime you need it.

Try this short meditation to get a taste of the energy and support I just described.

And, for more on how to access angels and to receive their help, join me for my monthly online class

This Month’s Deep Dive Class Topic: How to Access Your Divine Power and the Guidance of Angels

Tuesday, June 7 from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

In this online class you will:

  • Experience how to access angels in your every day life.
  • Have an understanding of what blocks you personally from experiencing the power of Divine Love.
  • Discover how The Law of Attraction is a Divine Gift to you from God.
  • Understand the wisdom inherent in each chakra and how you can clear and balance each one to gain a deeper connection to Divine Love and All That Is.
  • Recognize the power, possibility and practical benefits of how to, “Let go and let God.”

You will leave this online class with-

  • A plan you can put into action immediately for satisfying your success!
  • A new sense of what is possible for you!
  • Greater control over your future!
  • Get an energizing morning routine and a relaxing evening routine to help you live your passion and set the mindset for success every day!

I look forward to sharing the magic of the angels and the power you have through your chakras to access your connection to Divine Love and Power. You can sign up HERE.

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