Curb Your Cravings and Increase Your Energy in minutes!



Curb Your Cravings and Increase Your Energy in minutes!

Did you know that a lot of your cravings are caused by emotional stress?

And, you may experience intense cravings before you even realize you are stressed?

Your stress response directly affects your desire to eat. When you feel stress a group of hormones are released called glucocorticoids remain in the blood for a significant amount of time after your stressor is removed. One of the many jobs of the glucocorticoids is to replenish energy supplies lost during your fight-or-flight stress response.

Luckily, in our modern day culture, your life is not threatened on a daily basis. While its advantageous to have these stress responses in case you experience a life threatening event and need the energy to run or to fight for your life, the same responses also can play havoc with your health and cause intense cravings and even fat storage.

These hormones make sure you will have enough energy to survive any threat, even if the stressor requires little energy expenditure. Our body does not know the difference between thinking of relationship or money problems and fighting for our lives. The glucocorticoids help us replenish energy stores by increasing sugar cravings and even increasing your abdominal fat stores. This is one mechanism in which stress has been shown to increase abdominal fat and lead to metabolic dysfunction; yikes!!!

To avoid over eating, unhealthy choices and hard to lose belly fat, try these exercises to stop cravings via stress relief first.

The exercises below help to calm your body’s stress response physically by addressing meridians in The Chinese System giving you the healing power of acupuncturists at your fingertips.

  • You can do the first one in public, as its pretty discrete.
  • The second one is a stronger form of the same exercise medicine, great for more intense cravings, which I would recommend doing in privacy because its a tapping routine.

This is a great exercise to do to stop cravings when you are in public.

This video helps you sedate The Triple Warmer Meridian, which elicits a Fight or Flight Stress Response, and it strengthens your Spleen Meridian, which is the great metabolizer of food and emotions. So you are relaxing your body and helping your body digest food and emotions simultaneously!

This is a great tapping exercise to help curb more aggressive cravings.

This exercise helps you digest emotions and calm cravings by directing you through a tapping routine which targets most of the meridians in Chinese Medicine energizing you as it helps your body release stressful emotions.

Both videos are under 3 minutes, and once you learn these simple exercises, you can do them in minutes anywhere you need them!

Relief and greater vitality are at your fingertips!

I will be discussing other strategies to help you feel your most fit and vital in my next online membership class:

Discover the Energetic Secrets and the Fastest, Most Effective Ways to Feel Fit and Vital

Tuesday, March 1st from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

In this class you will:

  • Experience quick and easy exercises to energize your digestion and metabolism as well as give yourself an energy boost.
  • Discover how to effectively muscle test foods to see if they stress your body, so you can avoid foods which could be zapping your energy.
  • Discuss exercise in terms of how to know what kind, what intensity, and how much would make your body feel it’s best in order to help you get fit verses injuring or taxing your system.
  • Look at how you perceive your body and how you are treating it with your subconscious beliefs, then do a mindset exercise to help you let go of what you think you “should” look like or do to help you get in touch with your body’s power and innate beauty, even at larger sizes! Negative body talk increases cortisol levels and slows your metabolism, while self-love increases endorphins, energy, and can actually help you lose weight!

You can sign up here!

Much love and energy,
Lara from The Lara Touch:)

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