How Simple Pleasures Create Vitality!



How Simple Pleasures Create Vitality!

You are really good at prioritizing work.

You are there when your family and friends need you.

But, what about you? What about your every day happiness?

Have you pleasured yourself lately?

From food to sex to laughter, the human brain is wired to detect and to crave pleasure- a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

So why not add a little bit of pleasure into your life every day?

Experiencing pleasure regularly can relieve stress, change your brain chemistry and improve your digestion and immune function.

When you savor a satisfying bite of a favorite dish, sink into a warm, relaxing bath or exhale after an amazing orgasm, you activate an energy system in your body called Radiant Circuits. Radiant Circuits are energetic circuits in the body, which connect other systems like meridians and chakras, and activating your radiant circuits can balance those systems and restore equilibrium to your entire body.

Your everyday emotional stress from running late or being worried about anything can initiate a fight or flight response and pull energy from your digestion and immune function. Experiencing pleasure has the opposite affect; it puts you into a parasympathetic, restive or restorative state.

So why not add more pleasure into your day? It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming, and it’s going to have a positive affect on your health AND your mood!

  • Take 5 minutes, and savor your cup of warm tea or coffee without doing anything else.
  • Pull up a favorite song, and allow it to affect you.
  • Stop by a nail salon on your way home, and get a 10-minute back massage.
  • Take a bath. Use a bath bomb or sprinkle your favorite essential oil in the water. Light candles.
  • Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate.
  • Pleasure yourself before bed.

I give you full permission; it’s good for you; it will relax you, balance your body and improve your outlook on life.

And, here is an amazing opportunity to explore some new things to make you feel good:

I’m so excited to announce that I will be speaking at The Lifestyle Lounge as the spotlight featured expert! I will be talking about and sharing with you exercises and strategies to help you notice and overcome negative thoughts and emotions that could be sabotaging your success.

I will also be offering complimentary 15-minute mini-consultations with my team!!!

I just LOVE this event! The Lifestyle Lounge is the ONLY place where you can sit down one on one with experts, like myself, and talk about what’s really important to you; from your confidence to your health to your relationships to your success and happiness, you do not want to miss this very unique and fun event!

I met some amazing experts last time, AND found my new favorite Olive Oil-from health to awesome food, it’s a cool event!

Come and enjoy yummy healthy snacks and drinks and even get a complimentary treatment like a chair massage.

Come find some new things that feel and look good!

Here are all the details for the event:
Date: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: 239 W 14th Street, (between 7th -8th Ave) Red Door Entrance

This event always sells out. I don’t want you to miss the chance to attend, so get your ticket today!

Can’t wait to see you there!


P.S. This event will sell out so don’t wait to the last minute to get your ticket, register now!


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