How Your Past Affects Your Money



How Your Past Affects Your Money

Do you worry about money?

Do you avoid looking at bills?

Are you unaware of the balances in your accounts?


Do you save most of your money and deny yourself things you need?

Are you in debt and still rationalizing spending justifying, “I am worth it” or “ It is for learning?”

Do you feel money isn’t important?

If you said, “yes” to any of these questions, read on.

Money is really important, as you have to relate to it and use it every day, and the way you think about it and use it has a direct effect on how much of it you have.

Monica Shah, money expert, says, “As you pay attention to money and nurture your relationship with money it grows,” which totally makes sense, but it is tough to pay attention to something you

  • Avoid out of fear
  • Resent
  • Feel shamed by
  • Use to make yourself feel better

You may not realize this, I certainly didn’t, but you give money meaning. The same amount of money has a different value to different people. Think about it, $1000 to a new college graduate is a lot more money then it is to the CEO of a huge company. While the 1K to the student may be his or her rent, to the CEO, it may mean a fabulous night out with friends.

The thing that determines the value placed on the amount is how much time and energy it took you to make that money, while your belief system determines how you manage it.

You learned how to handle money from your parents. And, while you may handle it differently then they did, the way they interacted with money with you had a huge impact on your relationship with money.

One of my clients made a good amount of money and could manifest more when she needed it, but she was always in debt. As it turns out her father used to take her on shopping trips and buy her whatever she wanted. The shopping trips began after her parents found out she had been bullied by some boys in the neighborhood. Her father’s way of taking care of his daughter was to give her beautiful things, but this taught her to fill any emotional void, sadness or guilt with shopping.

When she was able to make the connection between shopping and feeling this emotional void in one of my classes, she was able to start nurturing herself with energy work verses shopping, heal her sense of self and start nurturing her bank account by getting a great financial advisor and having monthly meetings with him to help her nurture her relationship with money.

Fascinating, right? Once you understand your relationship, feelings and patterns with money, you can retrain them with this work.

In my membership online class happening this Tuesday, March 1, from 730-830pm, called
Break Through Your Barriers to Having and Enjoying Money Now!

You will:

  • Discover subconscious beliefs you learned from your parents about money.
  • Discover emotional patterns you have with money and how they manifest in your business, relationships and your bank account.
  • Help you understand your Divine Rite to Prosperity.
  • Do an energizing clearing routine, which will be isolated and sent to you, so you can start retraining your brain to feel comfortable having more money on a daily basis.
  • Do a relaxing meditation to help you feel what it would be like to have more money than you need to get your body and brain comfortable with financial abundance in your life. This meditation will also be isolated, so you can do it at night to reinforce the results we create in the class.

And, sign up for the membership if you haven’t already or to purchase this class singly.

When you sign up, you will be able to enjoy these spring trainings each month for a fraction of the cost, plus many more monthly benefits, including access to my library of exercises to help with issues from insomnia to confidence building and relief from PMS! Click for more and to sign up now!

It’s time for you to get out of your own way and give yourself what you want! The feedback I got from the LOVE Class was amazing! One gal said what she learned about herself was profound, and 5 people wrote to me telling me how much they loved the meditation we did!

Freedom and manifesting power are at your fingertips! Join the class!

And, in the meantime, the crossed posture is a really easy way to begin, as it gets your brain working bilaterally, stopping any fear response. Reciting positive phrases while in this posture helps you get your brain and central nervous system comfortable having what you are saying.

If you said, “yes” to any of those statements above simply start with this phrase in the crossed posture-

“As I pay attention and nurture my money, it grows.”



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