How to Overcome the Most Common Blocks to Manifesting More Money



How to Overcome the Most Common Blocks to Manifesting More Money

Lots of people feel uncomfortable admitting that they even want money.

How about you?

How do you feel when you read these statements?

1. It’s OK to want money, and I do want it.

2. It’s OK to have more money than my friends, family, and the poor.

3. Money is my friend.

Do any of these bring up any distaste, anxiety, anger or disbelief?

Do you feel any tightness or discomfort in your body when you read them?

If so, you are not alone. Most every person who comes in wanting to work on releasing limiting beliefs about money, so they can attract more. They often muscle test weak and feel anxiety and stress when they say these phrases.

Money gets a really negative wrap. Most of us are afraid of being greedy or possessive, but think about this: Greed and possessiveness come from a place of feeling as though you don’t have enough. What if we could believe there is enough money for everyone to have more than enough including ourselves?

We have all heard stories of poverty stricken people overcoming their circumstances and creating a successful life. Many successful people in the U.S. came here as immigrants with little, but the clothes on their backs. People from other countries still come to the U.S. to make a better life, to live “The American Dream.” Possibility abounds here. So, why can’t we believe it is possible for everyone to create an abundant future here?!

When I saw Abraham Hicks, one of the first to educate on The Law of Attraction, he was asked a question by a lovely high school teacher. This teacher explained how the teachings of Abraham had helped him overcome a difficult upbringing in a rough neighborhood, and how it helped him excel in school, and become a teacher, so he could give back. He wanted advice on what to tell his kids, who were constantly being affected by gang activity, crime and the effects of poverty in the neighborhood where he was teaching.

After a long pause, Abraham said, and I paraphrase—You tell them how excited you are for them to live into their futures. Tell them that the sky is now the limit! Tell them how excited you are that, they now have the opportunity to become the President of the United States of America! What you believe is possible for them creates the energetic space for them to expand their own consciousness and live successful lives!

Before Obama became president, it hadn’t been imaginable for anyone who wasn’t Caucasian to hold that job. That is no longer true. So, for all of you who are not so happy with Obama, at least he created a new, important possibility in our country.

The only thing holding any of us back from having more is our belief that we can’t have it, and the same is true for our family and friends. If you believe it, you can receive it! When we make more money, it helps our family and friends see that it’s possible for them to have more money, too.

To manifest something, your body, mind and psyche need to be in energetic alignment with having it. You must believe, both physically and mentally, that you can have what you want to manifest. So, if the above phrases don’t ring true to you, I highly suggest checking out the video below, as I think both you and I would definitely LOVE to see you having more money. So, what’s stopping you??

You might be surprised by just how much resistance you have to having lots of cash!

I mean, just think about this, if you don’t think it’s cool to want money, have more money than others or that money can be a welcomed friend, how will you be comfortable having more?

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Freedom and manifesting power are at your fingertips!

So much love and abundance,



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