How to Receive More Love!



How to Receive More Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Below is an exercise to help you expand your capacity to receive more love and to feel it more in your life everyday.

When I studied Kabbalah years ago my teacher often said, “There is more than enough love and light for everyone, you have to build your cup to be able to hold it!”

This is so true!

Have you ever denied a compliment, verses just saying, “Thank you?”

Have trouble receiving gifts or being treated to dinner?

If so, you are guilty of rejecting love. Don’t worry, with awareness and an open heart, you can get into receiving mode pretty quickly.

Here’s an exercise and some fun ways to fill your heart with love and to allow yourself to be fulfilled by it every day!!!

And! The first class in the monthly membership series starts Tues, Feb 23rd from 730-830pm, and It’s all about:

“LOVE! How to have it, keep it and be fulfilled by it!”

Click here to sign up. I offered the first 30 a free gift, my favorite essential oils, and there are only a few gifts left.

Can’t wait!
A huge Valentine hug!



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