How Your Mindset Will Help You Feel More Empowered



How Your Mindset Will Help You Feel More Empowered, Even In The Most Stressful Situations

She started her day off with a bang; after waking she read an email informing her that there was a huge problem with her company’s largest account. She raced onto the phone immediately to resolve the issue and was stuck, still in her PJs on the phone for hours unable to get away until mid day. The pressure continued to mount, as she felt powerless trapped in horrible traffic. When she finally got into the office, she had to deal with an insubordinate employee. She had plans to let him go, but she never wanted it to go down like this. It felt like the the world was against her.

By the end of her day, instead of feeling like the president of her company, she felt more like a victim of her circumstances, beat up from being tugged and pulled in so many different directions. She could have put her head down on her desk and cried, and she was grateful to have plans that night with some solid gal pals; she needed a serious pick me up.

When she walked into the restaurant, they were seated at a crowded bar already having appetizers. She was emotionally drained and starving, and there was no place to sit down. Instead of jumping in to be with them, she felt pissed off and left out all at the same time.

Ironically, one week later, she walked into a similar situation with those same gals, starving again with no seat for her at the bar, and her reaction was completely different. She was excited to see them, shared an appetizer with them and had a fun time.

It was the same scenario, but 2 different feelings. How come?

Her day actually had similar events as the week before; she had to fire another employee and handle a tough client situation, but it all happened with greater ease, because her mindset was totally different.

cross-postureShe had started her day with her Vision Board exercise from my Vision Board to Life Online Workshop; when her alarm went off, she got into the crossed posture, and repeated her mantra, Little by little, I can feel more and more connected, fulfilled and vibrant every day. When you do this exercise you program your brain to work bilaterally, putting your brain in a parasympathetic, restive and receptive state. By reciting your positive mantra while in this position, you train your central nervous system and subconscious mind to be accepting of these ideas. The remarkable result of doing this simple exercise is your involuntary reactions throughout your day are different.

When you start your day training your brain to be more accepting of these qualities, your reactions to situations that come up are more in alignment with your mantra qualities. You have more vibrancy; you feel more connected, because you feel more fulfilled. The key- your mindset has a huge impact on how you react, how you deal with your emotions and in turn how you handle everything that comes your way in your life.

My client’s reactions to her stressful days were dramatically different after doing her morning mantra and listening to her song.

Something else she learned in the Vision Board class was to choose a song which inspired the qualities in her vision board. Her song is, “Carly Rose’s Version of Feelin Good by Nina Simone.” And, that second day, listening to it gave her the energy and inspiration to handle whatever came to her with greater power and ease.

Just doing these two quick and easy things helped her turn a potentially stressful day into an empowering one.

By now, you most likely have experienced the power of some of these exercises/tools, and are using them to help you feel better, so am I! But, it’s so easy to get off track and to abandon your most helpful practices.

I always need support to keep up the good work and to stay focused on achieving what I want because I often get so easily distracted.

That’s why I do workshops and teach classes, to have the outlet to do this work with you, as it has continued to give me everything I wanted, and I am ready for more. How about you?

So I wanted to create something to keep that momentum going for you. I got such amazing feedback and thanks for doing the Holiday Support Your Joy Online Classes, that I decided to create a Lara Touch Monthly Membership.

If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself to clear any block in your way and have you best life, I am with you. So let’s build a community together to support you!

In the Lara Touch Monthly Membership, you will get a monthly class, tools you can use daily and LIVE support to help you overcome what’s stopping you. The best thing about this is it will help you stay on track, focused and in the manifesting mode for your life, your work, and your relationships!

Here’s the thing — You don’t have to do it on your own! And I don’t want you to wait or have to suffer through the process of getting what you want all by yourself.

So join me and my community of like-minded, forward moving women and get the tools and cheerleading you need each month and day to rock your dharma and live your best life now! I’ve made it super easy and affordable and given you benefits like membership discounts on all services and classes too.

As a valued member of my community, I wanted to give you something that you could easily manage within your budget each month and give you tons of value.

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