Overwhelmed? Instant Calm is at Your Fingertips



Overwhelmed? Instant Calm is at Your Fingertips

Overwhelmed? It’s super easy to feel overwhelmed. There is so much pressure to stay on top of so many things. As you re-enter your work place today, you are most likely being bombarded with emails. New requests for your time and energy are always being made, complicating your schedule.

Overwhelm can both stress and paralyze you, leaving you emotionally drained and feeling like you’ll never catch up.

Relief is here! This exercise can help you physically release the feelings of frustration and overwhelm, and the three tips below can help you easily ground yourself and get back in action.

#1- Get it all out of your head. Grab a piece of paper or open the notes section on your phone. Write down all you have to do, then do the exercise below to take a break and physically release the feelings associated with your list, so it’s easier to take the next step.

You can do this 1 minute exercise anywhere!

#2- Now- Prioritize! What has to get done first? Put items with time pressures associated with them first.

#3- Think about- What you can delegate? And, if you really have to do all of these things? Once you organize your list, and are looking at it more objectively, you’re likely to see that not all of your tasks need to be done today or even this week. There are most likely some things that you don’t have to do at all:

  • Are you doing more to please someone or satisfy perfectionism? Just delete those tasks off your list, so that they aren’t taking up your mental space and energy any more.
  • There are some tasks that fall into the “important but not urgent” category, and those can be pushed back to a week when you’re not feeling quite so crazy. Choose a new time for them, thinking about the other things you’ll have going on that week, and rearrange accordingly.

All is easier when it you step back, take a breathe and get perspective 🙂

Much peace, focus and success,



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