3 Minute Holiday Detox and Energy Boost



3 Minute Holiday Detox and Energy Boost

When I was feeling bloated and a little tired from all of my Thanksgiving overindulgence, I started doing these exercises, and they worked!

Got my energy and shape back!

Just a few minutes of self care goes a long way!

As you enjoy all the yummy goodness of the holidays, incorporate these exercises to give your body a little extra energy to process it all!

Detox before you re-tox!

Do this 3 minute Lymph Massage at the end and beginning of your day during the holiday season!

Do this 30 second Tapping Exercise whenever you think you or your digestive system could use a little energy.

Party, then tap! I make it a point to visit the Ladies Room right after dinner to tap my Liver and Spleen points to help my body better digest all I have consumed.

And, check out how you can incorporate practical self care to keep you calm, cool and collected during the holiday rush by joining this Complimentary Self Love Event. You can listen to it, as you do all your holiday errands to help you stay grounded, calm, cool and collected during this holiday season.

I give a whole days worth of easy exercises to help you keep calm, energized and to carry on during the holiday season. Plus, my friend, Tina Christie, has brought together a team of experts to help give you even more practical self care solutions in this Complimentary Self-Love Revolution Series! I thought it was amazingly radical to present this when we have the biggest excuses but need self care the most!

Rather then stressing about what you haven’t gotten done, focus your in between times on ways you can take care of you this holiday.

JOIN US For the Self-Love Revolution Series!

In this complimentary self-love event, you will get what practical self-care looks like.

We talk about what has worked for others and what might work for you… All of the experts who are joining me in the SOLUTION have been challenged by self-love and self-care, and they have overcome and thrived once they figured it out! And so can you!

Click here to listen in to the Self-Love Revolution Series; it’s free!

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