How to Avoid Conflict and Enjoy Your Family During the Holidays



Can you remember a time you had fun with your family around the holidays?

Or is it difficult to think of fun times you have had because all you can focus on is former conflict?

We have all had a less then perfect family holiday.

The holidays have a tendency to bring up family upsets. And, I want to help you feel love and joy this holiday verses anything else.

Since my mom’s passing this year, I have gotten present to what is really important.

Despite your differences, you are energetically connected to your family, and when you are angry or upset with them, you actually reject your own life force, zapping your own power and energy.

At every point in life you and everyone else is doing the best they can with the knowledge and awareness they have, so when people “react” they are acting out their own past patterns or history and, so are you.

So, before you see your family this holiday I invite you to —

  • Release any negative feelings from your past experiences with them. When you do this you can walk into your holiday get togethers unhindered or affected by past drama.
  • Remember, when you blame anyone for anything, you give away your power and take away your ability to move situations forward in a way that satisfies you.
  • When you release upset, you can free yourself up to take actions toward the next step- promoting ways you can enjoy your family that will fulfill you.

Think about what kind of time you would like to have with your family. How would you like to feel around them? What activities or topics of conversation could promote those feelings or good times? Think of ways you can connect on common ground, common interests. Or bring up old good times.

Possibly prepare a way you can set some good boundaries, so you can be true to yourself as you enjoy them.

It’s difficult to say, “no” to family. But feeling bad about getting roped into something you don’t want to do has the potential of driving a wedge between you.

Here’s a simply formula to help you:

  1. Know what you want
  2. Then when any conflict comes up – be able to release your feelings about the conflict you feel with another
  3. Set boundaries that are respected because they are spoken with love and acceptance of the others point of view, and basically say, “I’m OK and You’re OK; and we can agree to disagree.”

I want to help support you put this into action for the holiday— so If you haven’t signed up yet— Join me for my next Online Holiday Joy Series Workshop

How to Avoid Conflict and Enjoy Your Family During the Holidays
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Here’s what you will discover:

  • Free yourself from any negative feelings associated with past holidays with an emotional freedom exercise.
  • Recognize what is important to you and your family during the holidays.
  • Discover how to ask for what you need and to set boundaries in a way which respects and honors everyone’s point of view.
  • Realize what might be blocking you from receiving love from your family and release it.
  • Generate some ideas about how you could connect with your family in a way that would feel fun and fulfilling over the holidays.

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Sending You Love & Joy,


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