Helping you find strength and peace in the aftermath of terrorism



Helping you find strength and peace in the aftermath of terrorism

The tragic events in Paris are eliciting fear, loss and panic all over the world. I have found myself hyper aware of loud noises and sirens over the past two days. My husband is on edge, and I received several anxiety ridden text messages from friends and clients struggling with the fears brought up by what happened.

In my work with trauma survivors, whether it is childhood trauma or more recent, I have helped my clients utilize 3 steps to find their strength in the face of traumatic memories or feelings. They are outlined with examples in the video below.

Finding Peace, Calm, and Strength After Terrorism from Lara Licharowicz on Vimeo.


And, here is a stress relief tapping sequence to help you calm down and get present to your current, safe reality, your personal power and your connection to the Divine. On 60 Minutes last night, they interviewed a lucky gentleman who was shot in the back at the concert hall where one of the attacks took place. The bullet went in and out of his body without damaging any muscles or bones. It just missed his spinal cord. Doctors remarked on his incredible luck. And, the terrorism expert they interviewed said something went wrong at the stadium. The terrorist with the backpack of explosives was late and never made it into the stadium where the damage he could have done would have been tragically worse. Because of botched plans only a few verses many were killed outside of the stadium walls. My thought–the intervention of angels.

After you do the exercise above, please ask angels to help the wounded and the families and friends of the victims heal in Paris, and please ask your angels to keep you safe every day before you leave your home.

I believe luck has a lot to do with Divine intervention and connection.

Much love, peace and connection,



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