How Faith Got Me Thru It



How Faith Got Me Thru It

Did you experience it too?

Mon thru Wed last week, I had trouble shaking what I called heaviness. I even said to my husband, “maybe I am depressed?”

He was complaining of feeling overly tired and not himself too, and several of my clients came in feeling “off”

One of them said she was feeling, “flat,” which was a great description of this pervading feeling.

This awful feeling would lift when I tapped or got emotional relief with one of the other exercises I have shared with you for a time, but then it would, annoyingly, come back. It’s pervasiveness made me think it may have been environmental; my guess-it was the effect of the abrupt end of daylight savings time and darkness setting in dramatically earlier.

Whatever the cause, the solution surprised me.

After the third day of this, I had to get help. Before I went to bed, I gave this problem over to a Higher Power. I asked God and angels to help me wake feeling restored, with renewed energy and joy.

To my relief and surprise, It worked! I woke feeling energized and happy again; thank God, literally.

Letting go and letting God, having faith, can be healing on so many levels.

Putting faith and trust in a Higher Power that is greater than you is an important tenant of Alcoholics Anonymous and even previously atheist addicts attest to the effectiveness of having faith in a power greater then themselves.

While I believe in the power of the Divine, I also think that a large part of healing comes from just surrendering and letting go of control too.

Dr Judith Orloff, MD writes, “Because I’m a physician, people often ask me, “What’s the most important factor in recovering from illness?” To their surprise, my answer is always surrender. Surrender basically means letting go of your need to be in control. It’s about opening up your mind to possibilities you might not have considered, letting your intuition guide you, and being in the flow of life.”

It doesn’t matter what you believe. Giving up your doubt and having faith you are supported can give you relief and inspiration, and it’s a necessary step in manifesting anything you want in your life. You must give up doubt and believe what you want is possible in order to attract it in.

So, in this Metal Season of Fall, as the leaves are falling, you are letting go of what no longer serves you, there is less light, and you are pondering what might take the place of all you are releasing, I invite you to let go and to find some relief and maybe some inspiration in surrendering your doubt to a Higher Power by connecting to angels, God or your Higher Self.

Letting go and letting angels, God or your Higher Power take your doubt and worry away opens up the space for healing or a new vision to come in. I invite you to try connecting with angels with this short audio meditation.

There is so much love and hope for you here.


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