What You Gain From Letting Go



What You Gain From Letting Go

Sometimes you don’t even know you are holding your breath until you exhale.

Maybe you could use a good release right now?

Rub your temples with me, as you take three deep breathes.

It’s time to let go. Tis the season; don’t fight it.

The sun is taking a break, and setting earlier and earlier.

The leaves are letting go of life, dying beautifully in a miraculous display of brilliant reds, oranges and yellows.

Colder temperatures are summoning you to wrap yourself up in warmer clothes and to head indoors earlier, to rest a bit.

Can you give in to nature’s calling to let go, to exhale?

What stress and anxieties can you release right now? Rub your temples; breathe deeply, and start letting them go, as they come up. As you physically release them, you can gain clarity, focus and perspective.

You have done a lot this year; 2015 has been fast paced and very busy; start pondering, what worked? What didn’t?

What habits, assertions, efforts, garbage and baggage can you unload from your life?

In The Chinese Medicine Element System, Fall or Metal season is the time to grieve what you lost or what didn’t happen, let go of whatever no longer serves you and to find faith in the fact that the end of this cycle or year is just your chance to reorganize and to contemplate your next growth phase.

As you, stop, exhale, ponder and let go of what no longer serves you, you can be supported by a new vision of who you are without that heavy old “stuff.

Freedom is at your fingertips.

Rub your temples, let go, exhale and ponder your new vision of you.



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