How to Feel Angels



How to Feel Angels

Almost everyone who hasn’t seen me since my mom passed pauses and asks with kind concern, “How are you doing with everything?”

At the risk of sounding callous, I tell them the truth. Besides just feeling tired from the amount of time and energy expended and the emotional processing done in the past few months, I am surprisingly OK.

I am so grateful for this work and my ability to release any upsetting emotion that came up from my mom’s diagnosis till now. The tools I share with you saved me during this time. These tools have enabled me to feel and to release my feelings of sadness about no longer having my mom here, as I am connecting with her more then ever in spirit.

I think I shared this with you, but a couple Mondays ago, when I was prepping for my first online essential oils class, I started tapping to let go of what I thought was anxiety about my class later that night. As I tapped, I realized the anxiety wasn’t about my class, it was unexpressed loss that I was now allowing to come to the surface to be released. Tapping, I organically started speaking to my mom, telling her all the things I was going to miss doing with her here on earth, and as I tapped, I felt her loving me. I heard her in my head, ” I am here with you; feel me loving you,” My tears turned from sadness to feeling touched, emotionally overwhelmed by her love.

Two days later, I was in a session with a client, who knows the whole story, and as we were working, she shouted out, “Oh my God! Your mother is behind you! She is standing behind you, a huge white image behind you!” I closed my eyes and felt my mom’s hands resting on my back. She was there, and she has shown me in some way that she is with me every time I think of her. I told my dad that I feel as though I am having more contact with her now then I did when she was alive, as I feel her multiple times a day.

While I will still miss her physical hugs and sharing physical things like food (She, like me, was a huge foodie.) and other earthly experiences with me, I am very much enjoying being with her in this new form.

When you or your family pass your/their spirit lives on. And, you can connect with that spirit world now, as you listen and let go of any blocks keeping you from connecting.

Your guides and angels are here for you. You can connect with them. They can help guide you, protect you and understand just how you are connected to all that is.

The Capacity Expanding Chakra Clearing from last week’s blog can help you let go of your blocks to connecting with the Divine, and the Angel Meditation (audio recording below) will teach you one way to feel angels. Both of these exercises take under 5 minutes.

Angel Meditation

Lorna Byrne’s, Angels in My Hair, is also a great read that can help you better understand the angelic realm and to connect to it!

And once you learn how to call your angels and guides in, you can do it anywhere, anytime.

There is so much love and comfort for you here.

I hope you take the time to tap in and to feel it.

Much love and peace,

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