Why Things Have Felt “Off” and Exercises To Get Balanced


Why Things Have Felt “Off” and Exercises To Get Balanced

Whew, glad that Mercury’s Retrograde is over and we are finally out of it’s shadow phase.

Whether you know it or not, you have been bombarded with different energies the past few months and challenged to expand yourself as a result. Situations to teach you lessons of all kinds have most likely come your way. So it isn’t just you, if upsetting, weird things seem to keep happening in rapid succession, like technology mishaps, housing catastrophes, sudden illnesses or multiple deaths in your community.

I reached out to a friend and respected Shaman when I learned of the 5th death of a loved one in my circle of friends. She forwarded me this email from ForeverConscious.com which explains how the earth is experiencing huge shifts in consciousness:

“It has been predicted by Dr. Simon Atkins and other intuitives that the frequency of the planet will rise about 2-3 Hz, bringing about huge shifts in awareness, consciousness and intuitive energies.The DNA of every living cell on the planet is also expected to shift with the changes, giving rise to a completely new way of being.
In order for the planet to integrate into this new frequency, many have also predicted world disasters, political events and other huge shifts that will force people to stand up and pay attention to things outside of the material and egoic world. All of these disasters are believed to be a clearing of karma and old ways of being, and since the closing of theLions Gate Portal and the Pisces Full Moon, we may have all been feeling some significant shifts in our lives.
The energy of September is definitely going to help bring these many shifts and changes into the physical world and there is likely to be a mass global ascension.

Those who have already experienced a spiritual awakening will be able to use this energy to enhance their vibration, understanding of the Universe and unseen worlds. Those who are yet to awaken may suddenly have a realisation or undergo rapid ascension.

Intuition, emotions and psychic abilities will also be strong at this time and these shifts may even allow us to adopt a different understanding of the way the world works. There will also be a deeper understanding of spirituality, awakening and awareness. Those going through awakenings are likely to experience huge waves of ascension signs and symptoms.”

As I always say, upsets are access to growth. We wouldn’t change anything in our lives if everything were perfect. So,here is a video to help you better adapt to and adjust to all of the energetic growth, and frequency changes we are experiencing right now. It’s a chakra clearing that is designed to help you expand your emotional/spiritual capacity.

And, this is the last chance to contact me if you are interested my Believe Boot Camp Program, where you are able to master how to do all the emotional freedom techniques I use in my sessions for yourself. I have 1 spot left in the class, and these tools have saved me this last summer as I processed all that happened with my mom and all that has continued to happen for my friends.

The program is designed to both teach you how to do this work on yourself and with others as well as to help you let go of past trauma and resistance to growth/change. So, it is a self-actualizing process as well as a program to help you master using these tools.

[box type=”shadow”]This work has given me everything I wanted – from renewed health and energy when I had chronic fatigue to an open heart that attracted my husband to a successful business doing this work I love. It took only 3 years using these tools consistently to get all of this – when prior to this, I had spent over 10 years and way too much money in therapy and on personal growth courses. If you are ready to learn more, to go deeper and to commit to persistently pursuing your dreams, it would be my honor to teach you the tools that worked for me and that help my clients every day. [/box]

Doing this work and incorporating muscle testing to see what fears were coming up for my clients when they were faced with these emotional issues; helping them discover and learn how to use energy exercises to calm their physical stress response; this has worked wonders in their lives… What are you missing out on?

Just so you don’t miss out on seeing how this class can help you change your life and live the life you’ve always dreamed of… The Believe Boot Camp program! Here is the link: http://www.thelaratouch.com/believe-boot-camp/.

PLUS, I have a very special bonus: if you contact me by the end of the day today, Monday, October 19, I’ll throw in a complimentary private session with me which is valued at $250!!!

I can prioritize your session and schedule it within the next two weeks, so you can jumpstart manifesting what you want! We will have a super-charged, one-hour power session, where I will identify your biggest energetic blocks – and, more importantly, how we will overcome them. You will also get any oils we use in our session to continue to get relief and inspiration daily.

Also: not to worry if you cannot join the class in person, this slot could be utilized online. Please email to discuss the possibilities.

For more info about the course, click here: http://www.thelaratouch.com/believe-boot-camp/

I can’t wait work with you and to get started with our super-charged private session – yipee!!

Please feel free to schedule a call to answer any questions you may have…you’ll be happy you did!

P.S. A note from my clients:

“I would absolutely recommend that you sign up for this program. I can’t overstate how much I attribute my personal transformation to the work we’ve done together with the Believe Boot Camp community this last year. My first year in New York wouldn’t have been tolerable without this program. Thank you for holding me with love through such a tender time. Lara herself, for me, is a rock star, the highlight of the program. Just being in her energy, her aura, in her field – the women she attracts to her community – have been life lines for me … I couldn’t have made this transition, certainly not as smoothly, without this group. I can’t say enough good things. Life rocks again! Just sign up!”
– Catherine, Actress in New York City

“I have learned so much about myself [in this program] – resilience, strength, getting clear on what I want rather than what I think I should want, or what others want for me. I think I really stepped into who I was as a person, more in this class than in any other time in my life.

I tell all my friends that this is the place you can find tools to learn yourself that you will have in your back pocket. You don’t have to rely on anyone else to pull you out of these emotions or help you along your process. This is the best place you can come to learn the tools to help you throughout the rest of your life.”
– Chelsea, Marketing Research Consultant in New York City

P.S.S. This class starts soon and the doors will be closing on Monday, October 19 – so please respond and let me know how I can answer your questions. I’m totally looking forward to it. Happy to schedule a call to discuss it with you if you reply to this email 🙂

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