Seasonal Relief- Can’t sleep, wired, headache, allergies?



Seasonal Relief- Can’t sleep, wired, headache, allergies?

The atmospheric pressure from Mercury in Retrograde and the quick changes in barometric pressure, along with the kick up of allergens in the air have been causing both me and my clients and friends to feel:

  • fatigued
  • wired
  • sinus and head aches
  • restless and unable to sleep

With the storms that have passing through the east, the extra pressure has cause holes in many peoples auric fields, which can cause symptoms of fatigue, foggy headedness, headaches and pressure. Repair your field, and get more grounded in your body with this exercise below.

The added atmospheric pressure from Mercury in Retrograde and the quick changes in barometric pressure is overstimulating many people’s electrical systems and causing restlessness, nervous-wired energy and insomnia. Try the exercise below to help you exhale, calm your nerves and sleep mote peacefully through the night.

If you are experiencing seasonal allergy sinus and head pressure, try this exercise to help alleviate it.

And, I have decided to go to Soul Camp West, since I so missed being at Soul Camp East this year. Flights are pretty cheap, if you are feeling the pull to, as my friend Terri Cole, said”
Dive deep….in your soul AND in the lake.
Jump high…in your ambitions AND on the trampoline.
Clear your energy. Raise your vibration. Tap into our intuition.
And dance your brains out!!!!
Soul Camp is an immersive experience unlike anything you’ve experienced. Find your soul family and soar higher.
Let Soul Camp be your spring board. Oct 28-31 in Sanger, CA.

Both Terri and I will be teaching with so many other amazing instructors.
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