Alleviate Stiffness and Tightness in under a minute



Alleviate Stiffness and Tightness in under a minute!

Since I have been traveling back and forth to Baltimore every weekend to help my mom, I have been feeling stiff and tight from sitting in the car or on the train. This exercise shoots energy through your joints and clears energetic blocks, which are common in joints.

I feel loose, free and tall after I do this quick, easy and refreshing exercise.

Use it when you travel, after you get out of bed or after you are sitting for a long time at your desk.

Your body will LOVE IT!!!


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lara riggio

Lara Riggio is an Energy Intuitive. Her videos, classes, and sessions have helped tens of thousands discover and heal the mind/body, ancestral, and past life blocks which sabotage health and happiness. She is based in New York City, and works out of her Central Park Energy Center in Columbus Circle.